Biz Tips: Crypto and CBD: Fast-growing industries that should not be missed

Biz Tips: Crypto and CBD: Fast-growing industries that should not be missed


Crypto and CBD: Fast-growing industries that should not be missed

Few industries exhibit rapid growth and a wide range of opportunities than the crypto and CBD sectors. Even among newer industries, expansion factors of hundreds or thousands of percentage are not common.

The crypto market, for instance, expanded by more than 1,200 percent in 2017. Starting out at a total market capitalization of $17.7 billion, the crypto market cap rose to more than $230 billion. According to a CNBC report, the crypto market could grow to as much as $10 trillion fifteen years from now.

A significant impetus for the projected growth is the online hype and buzz. People are simply curious and interested to try investing in crypto assets. Another factor is the credible interest of big corporations like IBM and NASDAQ to invest in crypto platforms.

Meanwhile, the CBD market is also expected to have an exponential growth although not as impressive as the crypto sector. The global demand for CBD is projected to increase by more than 700 percent, reaching $2.1 billion value by the year 2020. About $450 million of this will be from the sales of hemp-derived CBD products.

For investors who want to maximize their profits, investing in companies that belong to fast-growing industries seem to be a wise choice. However, the risks involved should also be carefully considered. Background checks should be made and the market performance of firms should be examined. Typically, if the potential investment returns are high, the risks are also high.

Minimizing investment risks can also be done by investing in diversified assets or in corporations that have diversified interests. PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) is one such corporate organization. It is making headway not only in the CBD sector but also recently made a strategic move by delving into the crypto industry. POTN has recently joined the digital asset industry by forming its wholly-owned crypto subsidiary, Blockchain Crypto Technology Corp.

Engaging in digital asset business is a relatively risky venture because of the high volatility of crypto assets. Compared to gold, the crypto assets have a high level of volatility, which makes it harder to predict the short-term trends. Bitcoin has a volatility of 10.25 percent; Ethereum has a volatility rate of 12.6 percent, and XRP has the highest volatility among the major cryptocurrency at 16.75 percent.

Despite the innate unpredictability of digital currencies, the decision of POTN to engage in this industry is a wise strategic move. The growth potential and opportunities offered by the industry are too big to ignore. The move is strategic in terms of diversification and potential gains.

POTN has another wholly-owned subsidiary, Diamond CBD, which recently posted a first-quarter earnings of more than $3 million. This is more than 300 percent growth compared to last year’s performance during the same period. Investors have a strong reason to be bearish about the POTN’s future.

Rapid growth in both the CBD and crypto industries mean that PotNetwork can optimally leverage its income streams through its two subsidiaries. Risks will be effectively managed through this diversified strategy. The company looks secure both in the short-term and in the long-term.

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