Biz Tips: Could IFE be the Redemption for Indie Authors and the Frequent Flyer?

Biz Tips: Could IFE be the Redemption for Indie Authors and the Frequent Flyer?


Could IFE be the Redemption for Indie Authors and the Frequent Flyer?

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At some point in your life, you’re gonna have to stop and ask yourself the ultimate question: ‘This business of… being such a f****** pr***, what is it really getting me?

Thankfully that’s not a question I’ve ever had to ask myself. It’s a stunning line from a wonderful, yet very under-rated movie called Ghost Town which in my opinion received nowhere near the exposure and recognition it deserved. I watched it on a Turkish Airlines flight to New York in 2009. If you can find it, I’d highly recommend it as a romantic comedy that you can watch with your other half. It’s a gem.

Inflight entertainment systems on airlines are a goldmine for similar gems and not just little known movies but obviously music and TV content from all over the world. I was recently in conversation with a colleague who commented that while audio books are present in a number of airline IFE offerings, there is a distinct lack of e-books. And it got me thinking:

In an era where trying to find exposure for their self-published gem is THE major obstacle for the indie author, and airlines are looking for relevant non-air redemption offerings for their loyalty program members where flight redemptions are sparse, is there an opportunity to create a redemption offering for frequent flyers to purchase e-books they read inflight?

Some statistics.

There are obviously other platforms, but if we take the biggest, at time of writing there are over 4.5 million e-book titles available on Amazon, compared to under 600,000 in 2010. In an average week, roughly a third of the best-selling Kindle books are self-published titles, while according to a 2015 Codex Group survey, 36% of book buyers still read only print books.

Air passengers, frequent or not, look for content to read. And authors are looking for readers.

Providing e-books in flight via IFE, could not only be a popular miles redemption channel while providing indie authors publishing e-books opportunities for exposure by marketing their books priced in miles, it could potentially be an added ancillary revenue stream for airlines.

Could a case not be made for an airline loyalty program to partner with an e-book seller as an “Associate” and earn ancillary revenues for each book that is purchased from the seller platform, by entering a frequent flyer number (as a promo code) for select books that was available on their IFE? Could this not drive additional members to the program?

In a sector where “Only 40 Self-Published Authors are a Success” (quote attributed to Amazon by New York Times), airlines may wish to use this as a cultural branding angle to promote one or, even better three, indie authors a month in their in-flight magazines as they do with certain musical artists.

Just a thought?

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