Biz Tips: Considerable Hacks While Establishing a Remarkable Online Presence

Biz Tips: Considerable Hacks While Establishing a Remarkable Online Presence


Considerable Hacks While Establishing a Remarkable Online Presence

Important Tips for Developing a Good Online Presence

Online presence is basically the existence of an individual or business found online through an online search. In this digital age, businesses are going online and so are our clients. For your business to be prosperous, you should ensure that you exist online. This can be achieved by having a social media page, an e-commerce platform or a website page. It can also be a combination of the stated three. For you to have an online presence, you do not have to carry out your business online. Listed below are important reasons why it is essential for your business to have an online presence.

It’s easier to lead customers to you

If you run a stationery business and you put it online, here’s how you might have an addition to your clients. A school might be searching for someone to supply for them books, then in their online search they come across your business name and with the information you have displayed, they are sure you can satisfy their needs. They contact you and make their order.

In such a case, you have just won a new client. With an online presence, it is very easy to lead customers to you. Their search might be specific for your business or they might just do a general search on businesses related to what you are doing.

It is easy to show customers what you offer

With an online presence, there will be no need of standing by the road and giving out fliers to advertise the products and services you offer. With just a few clicks here and there, customers globally will be able to see and know more about your products.

Helps you connect with your clients

Whether at an individual level or business level, social media brings people together and builds a relationship. Since you and your clients have something in common, i.e. you provide what they need; you will have a good business relationship. Their reviews on your products will also increase your business as you will be able to know where improvements are needed.

Developing a successful online presence

1. First Know Yourself

Do not try to emulate the success story of your friend or neighbour. The probability of that not working is very high. For your brand to work, it must come from within you. It should be your passion and represent who you are and what you believe. Failure to being natural might even show to your clients which might end up in a failed business. Getting to know yourself is the first step towards creating a successful online presence.

2. Create an organized visual presentation.

It is natural for people to love appealing and beautiful visuals. If you post something which cannot be seen clearly, no client will have time struggling to see what you have posted. More often than not, they will leave your website and log into your competitor’s site. You just lost a client for poor visual presentation. Always ensure that your posts are clear and well defined.

3. Be Unique

If you want to be better than your competitors, think outside the box. Most businesses copy each other but if you were to do something different to improve your client base, then that would work even better for your business.

4. Identify the right platform

It is possible to post on all social media platforms but some platforms might not go well with what you want to post. For instance, a lot of writing might be good for blogging but might not do well on Instagram.

5. Enhance your writing skills

When trying to maintain a good online presence, your writing has to be awesome. Very often you will be required to write detailed descriptions of the products and services you are offering. Some clients are very sensitive and funny grammatical errors might just keep them off your site. If you have to optimise a website which sales bucket bags for women, you must target relevant keywords in product description & features.

6. Take time before you comment

When dealing with an online business you will expect some positive and negative comments on the products and services you offer. It is always good to remain positive because any negative comment you make might see your business crumbling down. If you do not have to comment, then don’t but if you feel you owe a client an explanation, do it but very wisely and maintain a positive tone.

7. Remember to monitor your reputation

Whether it is you or your brand, it is wise to know what people think of you. Once you build a brand name, you have certain expectations that you would want to maintain. One of them is what people say about you in the social media. Do they love your brand and the products you offer? If not, try and find out why and do all you can to maintain a good reputation. Remember your reputation is the success for your business.

8. Associate with the who’s of the society

Many businesses have prospered because their owners have associated their brands with popular people. Though it might be tricky at times, if you can associate with those who will bring your brand name up high, it will surely be a good add-on to your business.

9. Create a good Web design

There is something very important that people should know your web design will be a great determinant of the flow of people on your webpage. A research showed that to some extent a client might mistrust your website more because of your web design and and not your content. Below are some things you should avoid when creating a web design

  • Slow load times and web intros
  • A hard to read print
  • Pop up ads
  • Complicated layouts
  • Lack of colour

10. Don’t forget about your Web Content

Web content is just as important as the web design. Clients love sites that offer informative, clear and composed information. This will especially work out very well if you have a section of the frequently asked questions and information that is age specific.


In conclusion, just maintaining an online presence is good enough because you will have gotten the word out about the existence of your business


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