Biz Tips: Complete Guide on How to Become an AWS Solutions Architect in 2020

Biz Tips: Complete Guide on How to Become an AWS Solutions Architect in 2020

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Complete Guide on How to Become an AWS Solutions Architect in 2020

AWS is a big guy in the cloud computing world for a lot of justified reasons. AWS server’s capacity is considered 6 times bigger than its 12 of the competitors – which quite makes sense why AWS leads the cloud space.

AWS has become a favorite cloud computing for all small enterprises to big ones that want to achieve robust security and scalability while running their business.

With companies expanding towards safe and sound serverless computing and rooting towards AWS as its host, there is no doubt why AWS has started showing drastic demand for Skilled & Certified AWS Solutions Architects.

Whether you are a career beginner or someone who is looking to enhance his IT career, here is a simplified path that explains how you can become an AWS Solutions Architect from scratch.

Before that, let us find Who is an AWS Solutions Architect

AWS Solutions Architects are responsible to deploy the business infrastructure & applications in the AWS cloud.

AWS Architects are responsible for:

  • Developing advanced cloud-based solutions and migrating existing workloads to the cloud.
  • Planning, designing, and scaling AWS cloud implementations by using Amazon’s best practices.
  • Protecting the organization from application downtime risks as well as data breaches, calculation errors, and so on.

Roadmap to Becoming AWS Solutions Architect

1. Join Accredited Training Platform: To get the skills for the AWS Solutions Architect jobs and its certification exams, it is recommended to join a professional AWS Solutions Architect Training program online. The training program will not just shape the job-ready skills but will equally give a tight preparation for the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate level examination as well.

Join a platform that gives:

  • Knowledge of AWS concepts from basics to advanced.
  • Includes real-time industry projects to shape you up for real jobs.
  • And gives core knowledge about certification exam’s concepts asked in the exam from architectural principles & services of AWS to designing & deploying scalable & robust apps over AWS to AWS testing & security, and more in practical depth.

You can even take the AWS self-learning modules when you have limited time to sit for the scheduled training classes. The course of such modules is similar; however, the only difference is you will have to pay less, and you can study from anywhere and anytime – without having to worry about the time crunch.

2. Qualify AWS Solutions Architect Certification: To become a certified AWS Solutions Architect, one needs to qualify a standard certification exam called AWS Solutions Architect – Associate level examination. Apply the knowledge obtained from training classes to qualify this competent certification.

Is AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Level Examination Worth It?

Yes, it is. Once you qualify the certification after the right training, it will speak volumes about you. It will reflect your great knowledge on AWS cloud architecture, and identity you can develop over AWS via having access to Amazon console.

Here are some of the details about the exam one needs to keep the focus on:

  • AWS Solutions Architect – Associate level examination scores range from 100 to 1000 and the minimum passing marks are 720. Note – Passing marks can be changed according to the difficulty of the exam.
  • The exam comes as multiple choice and multiple answers questions and is of duration 130 minutes.
  • The exam fee is 150 USD and you can even take the practice tests which costs 20 USD.
  • The exam can be taken as per language preference – English, Korean, Japanese, and simple Chinese.

Exam Sections

The exam has a total of 5 sections as:

  • 24% Define Performant Architecture
  • 10% Design Cost-Optimized Architectures
  • 24% Specify Secure Applications and Architectures
  • 34% Design Resilient Architectures
  • 6% Define Operationally Excellent Architectures

3. Take Up Industry Work: After qualifying the certifications, it is best to work on some industry projects to apply and test your caliber before applying for the actual job in the market.

Working on some projects will help you build a strong portfolio for a dedicated job. Certification along with work experience will help you push upwards in your career ladder.

Once you get more than 2 years of experience as AWS Solutions Architect in managing and operating systems on AWS, further, to expand your career wheel, you can get prepared and apply for the AWS Solutions Architect – Professional Exam.

Job opportunities in AWS are massively growing, research shows how there is a talent gap of skilled and certified AWS professionals in the work industry. This proves how promising the AWS career is to get started with.

Is It Worth it to Make a Career With AWS?

Making a career with AWS after an end-to-end AWS training is a steal deal, because:

  • AWS has the largest market share in the cloud market which is 32%.
  • AWS Data Services increased by a whopping 96% in just a single year.
  • AWS has customers in over 129 countries – which covers millions of customers in 5000 education institutions, 127,500 nonprofit organizations, 2000 government agencies.
  • By backing up good knowledge, skills, certification, and experience, aspirants can expect to earn an average salary ranging between $93, 157 to $139,415 per year.
  • AWS has over 70 services inclusive of storage, computing, database, networking, application services, analytics, management, deployment & mobile.
  • AWS has over 1 million customers associated with it globally, which equates to massive job opportunities in this technology.

Final Thoughts on How to Become an AWS Solutions Architect in 2020!

AWS is a leading cloud computing platform that has been continuing to give tough competition to 12 of its competitors. The advanced AWS Solutions have become a requirement for all small scale enterprises to large scale ones, that want to build applications and deploy their infrastructure over AWS to blend extreme security and scalability into the business.

With enterprises becoming more familiar with AWS capabilities, in the background, they are hiring the AWS Solutions Architects who could help them with their customize and secure solutions needs.

The path towards becoming a skilled and certified Solutions Architect lies in

  • Having an accredited AWS Solutions Architect Training
  • Qualifying the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate level examination.
  • Working on some industry projects before applying for a real-time job to set up a strong portfolio.

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