Biz Tips: Changing times: The dynamic between influencers and the cannabis industry

Biz Tips: Changing times: The dynamic between influencers and the cannabis industry


Changing times: The dynamic between influencers and the cannabis industry

Back in the day, gaining some form of credibility for your product simply means getting a celebrity to advertise it on your behalf. You create a product, you get a celebrity endorser, and you instantly get a following. People like what they see on television, and it’s been the most effective and common form of advertising for the longest time now.

Come the age of information along with the subsequent rise of social media, and the landscape found the necessity to change its form to continuously accommodate it. All of a sudden, everyone wanted more honesty, more authenticity, and the general public flocked to social media “influencers” for their own dose.

An online article published by AdAge further wrote about this, stating that due to the age of information, the general public is more likely to trust people they can see in their social media networks rather than their television. Today’s market knows where to get information and are not easily impressed, and so what may be effective television advertising a few years ago may no longer be useful at all today. What’s more, more and more people are abandoning their TV sets for handheld devices and the internet, which means that even if an ad is effective and/or well-written, fewer people will see it, and it won’t be able to fully hit its target market.

In fact, an online study conducted by GroupM estimates that consumers spend an average of 9.73 hours per day on social media and internet, which is a jump from last year’s 9.68 hours. In addition, social media gave consumers the ability to actually interact with celebrities and have more influence, rather than simply watch them on a television. Due to this, brands, products and industries alike are transferring their marketing to social media to stay afloat. And one such industry that benefits from this landscape is the cannabis industry.

This is due to the fact that campaigning for legal cannabis products is still challenging because of federal and state restrictions. For starters, marijuana and the cannabis industry, in general, have had a skewed reputation for the longest time, uninformed opinions made sure of that.

Yet change has been seen in recent years, most notably the fact that over 30 states in the United States have legalized the use of medical marijuana, with countries like Canada preparing to follow soon. It still has a long way to go, but with more and more people being open-minded, it’s not hard to tell that it certainly has a bright future ahead.

Celebrity influencers in the cannabis industry

Enter celebrity influencers, who are slowly paving the way for a more receptive online space. Due to an influencer’s massive online reach and influence, it only makes sense that companies will start paying them to do partnerships and advertisements. They are, effectively, this generation’s celebrities. And in a restricted and regulated environment, these celebrity influencers can do wonders for the success of a cannabis product, more so if there’s a great connection between the product and the influencer.

One of the most notable of these is a partnership made late last year, when actor-comedian and famous cannabis rights activist Tommy Chong decided to choose Diamond CBD as the company that will help make and distribute his line of premium hemp-derived CBD oil products such as vape pens and edibles, which are under his brand name Chong’s Choice. As a highly-respected marijuana activist, Tommy Chong’s celebrity status and influencer sway in the industry is massive, and will do nothing but further solidify Diamond CBD’s place in the market.

“When I started looking for who made the best CBD products for the Chong’s Choice, I immediately found Diamond CBD. They proved to have the highest quality products and nationwide distribution. Frankly, they swept me off my feet. But we make a good couple,” Tommy Chong says when asked about why he chose the company.

But Diamond CBD itself is not without great news of its own, as its parent company PotNetwork Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) announced just a few weeks ago that its Board of Directors has decided to prepare a Form 10, which they will then file with the Securities and Exchange Commission to finally become a fully reporting SEC company. This action only serves to further solidify the company’s efforts to be more transparent and credible not only with their investors but also their customers.

All in all, it’s clear to see that although it’s still in its early stages, the cannabis industry is in a good place in the current landscape, without any signs of stopping soon. Times are clearly changing, and with partnerships like Diamond CBD and Tommy Chong thrown in along the mix, it’s clear that this industry is along for the long ride.

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