Biz Tips: Change Career Paths, Change Your Life: How These Decentralized Solutions are Bringing New Learning and Career Options to the Masses

Biz Tips: Change Career Paths, Change Your Life: How These Decentralized Solutions are Bringing New Learning and Career Options to the Masses

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Change Career Paths, Change Your Life: How These Decentralized Solutions are Bringing New Learning and Career Options to the Masses

Education after high school or college is crucial. Adults need to learn too, after all; learning and growing cannot be confined to the ages between zero and 24. Access to personal and professional development opportunities can affect the kinds of jobs people get and the work they produce, but are harder to come by. Sure, there are books, seminars, coaches, speeches, conferences and other programs, those options are expensive for people who still have student loans to pay (especially when they require travel—and let’s not get started on scheduling).

Self-improvement guidance should be available for everyone, and thankfully there are two companies who agree: Boon Tech and SuccessLife. Both aim to help people be as successful and fulfilled as they can, and they do it through the advantage of blockchain technology.

What Boon Tech does

The current job market is broken. People send an abundance of resumes out into the digital void, hoping they will be at least seen. A growing number of college graduates struggle to find jobs in their fields all while facing rising costs of living. To get a job, people have to be innovative. This is understandable once in a job, but putting on a performance just to land an interview? It’s unfair.

To avoid the job hunt’s bureaucracy, many people are turning to freelance work. People are learning to love working for themselves and making their own hours, which can often be done from home. There are an estimated 53 million freelancers in the United States, contributing 715 billion dollars to the economy. Freelancers, if they can afford it, can also be choosier about the kind of work they do—they have no bosses instructing them to carry out tedious assignments or tasks they are unqualified for.

To find clients, freelancers often turn to sites like Upwork and Fiverr. These resources are useful because they are digital, but they are also centralized platforms that charge high fees just to use them (20 percent of earnings, actually). For people seeking more fulfilling work, it’s daunting to sift through hundreds of job postings that may not pertain to them. For businesses looking to hire freelancers, it’s like throwing out a fishing line and hoping they get the right bite. Opaque platforms are also prime grounds for fraudsters looking to make a quick buck.

Boon Tech, however, is the first ever decentralized digital marketplace powered by artificial intelligence. By using blockchain technology, fraudsters are immediately exposed, and all transactions between parties are transparent—meaning that freelancers and clients can hold one another accountable, so no one is left feeling gypped.

Boon Tech’s platform also “uses IBM Watson’s AI Personality Insights to infer potentially unnoticed communications, events, and portraits of individuals that reflect their personality characteristics. [They] use linguistic analytics to infer individual’s intrinsic personality characteristics from digital communications such as email, text messages, phone calls, etc,” according to their white paper. This means that rather than having parties look for each other, Boon Tech’s AI matches them based on how well it thinks they would work together. Imagine that: a company that understands its freelancer’s needs and style. Freelancers that fit into businesses’ cultures seamlessly. Work does not have to be draining, so Boon Tech helps people find jobs that not only make them money but make them feel at home, too.

SuccessLife’s mission

Since 1993, Success Resources has been offering all sorts of tools for self-improvement. The term “self-improvement” means that people are becoming the best versions of themselves, it doesn’t mean they actually have to figure it out alone. People who have traveled the personal and professional development paths before have wisdom to give, and Success Resources helps them share it.

Current tools, however, are not always available for everyone. That’s why Success Resources created Success Life, which is intended to be “the world’s leading digital marketplace for premium and professional development and educational content, the world’s largest global online and offline community for entrepreneurs or individuals seeking inspiration, motivation, or well-being,” offering audio, video, and written content categorized for relevant demographics.

Learning requires one of two things: experience or teachers. SuccessLife provides innumerable teachers, but the platform is an experience in itself. Rather than take time off work to attend a conference, people can access self-improvement resources from their own homes. SuccessLife will be the go-to place for self-development tools, granting unprecedented access to anyone who needs them.

Although SuccessLife has a massive library, it is open to other businesses and users to share their stories and wisdom. Through blockchain technology, participants can make transparent transactions with other users to create a decentralized marketplace. The platform’s decentralization is important because it prevents anyone from gaining too much control over the system and generating a monopoly on professional and personal development. Not all material currently floating around the industry is legitimate, either (the words “be your best self” ring empty without real, helpful guidance), so blockchain technology helps authenticate materials and ensure people are improving in the ways they hope to.

Everyone deserves the chance to change their lives. With Boon Tech and SuccessLife’s help, taking steps to do so is now more accessible than ever.

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