Biz Tips: Captivating Audiences In A Digital Era. (SexyJefo)

Biz Tips: Captivating Audiences In A Digital Era. (SexyJefo)


Captivating Audiences In A Digital Era. (SexyJefo)

A Talk With Social Media Pros #6

Here we are again with another interview created for you to learn and understand how influencers think and are able to create/maintain a big community on social media.

For this article I had the pleasure to interview the guy behind one of the funniest IG accounts I have seen, Jun Yang, or as most people know him for, SexyJefo.

His Instagram has amassed a whopping 2.4 million followers and doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon.

But enough chitchat from me, let the interview begin!

How Did You Start Using Social Media In The First Place?

Social media was around me since I was young, as my friends and family were all using it to communicate.

However I began using social media more often when I started off making funny viral videos on Facebook during high school. In early 2018 I took social media seriously as I started gaining a massive audience on my Instagram @sexyjefo (hundreds of thousands) as my funny/personality videos were going viral and getting reposted everywhere on Instagram.

Today, creating social media content and influencing people on various social media platform is my Job.

My main focus right now is to blow up all my social media platforms from millions to tens millions especially Instagram and YouTube.

Which Social Media Platform Feels Underrated To You And Why?

I feel like Instagram is very underrated as a social media platform.

Most people think it’s a place to show pictures of their everyday life or a hub for girls to post pretty photos of their body. However Instagram is actually a huge network for businesses and creators to make content and money.

Personally, it has given me a career to live off, it also helped me collaborate with well-known creators and mainstream companies.

What Are You Doing Differently Inside Your Niche?

My niche is comedy and entertainment videos with a twist of inspiration.

These videos are made to entertain the younger generation age between 12-24.

What I’m doing different compared to everyone else, is that through my videos I’m encouraging the younger generation to be more out there, expressing their own personality, ideas and feelings on social media as a type of entertainment video.

I’ve also strategized the fastest growth tactics for comedy and entertainment type of videos by pushing traffic on the explore feed through unique thumbnails and increasing conversions through a unique personality.

If You Had To Pick One Social Media Account You Look Up To, Which One Would It Be And Why?

I look up to SexyJefo, I’m about to take over the world this year. Haha but for real though, I look up to Harrison Wain also known as ImBoxBoy.

He has helped me by pushing the boundaries of my video content through viral content ideas, editing and many unique styles of filming.

Through this, my social media has grown even more, exponentially to a bigger audience and demographic. Imboxboy and I are working together to take over the social media game this year ! Stay sexy!

If you want to see what Jun Yang has been doing recently you can go and check his content with the link below!

Sexyjefo (@sexyjefo) * Instagram photos and videos

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