Biz Tips: Business or Pleasure: Business vs. Personal Instagram Account

Biz Tips: Business or Pleasure: Business vs. Personal Instagram Account

Biz Tip:

Business or Pleasure: Business vs. Personal Instagram Account

Last week while with a friend who is also a small business owner, Instagram came up in conversation.

Like many brands, big and small, they are struggling with engagement on Instagram. Reading that Stories is the way to go at the moment, they asked me for a few tips, like how to put music on their Story.

Due to licensing restrictions, brands are unable to use music for the promotion of any of their content. So if you have a business page, you wouldn’t be able to use that function.

Before you convert your Business to Personal. Hang on.

Before making the switch back to Personal just for Kanye’s Gold Digger, consider this:

Some think, having a personal Instagram page will allow you better organic engagement figures. Why? Because Instagram favours genuine, authentic content over content that’s trying to sell something.

The common fear: business accounts are inherently penalised by Instagram’s algorithm.

So why business?

While lower organic numbers can be associated with business accounts, it’s not always caused by the sole fact that it’s a business account. Rather, it’s the type of content that’s typically posted by business and brand accounts.

There are loads of additional features that come with business accounts that can eliminate the need to use personal accounts.

Firstly, you have mostly all the features you get with a personal account (sans music) with a few additional (and pretty important) features.

  • Analytics
  • Audiences
  • Ads (yup, if you have a personal page, you can forget running your ads on the Gram!)
  • Calls to action on profile (email, message, phone etc.)

So business over pleasure on Instagram?

In short. yes.

The only reason people struggle with business accounts is that their content tends is too ‘salesy’, so people aren’t engaging with it.

Remember: Constantly selling at your audience, is not fun for them!

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