Biz Tips: Build Your Case: Social Media Reporting Automation

Biz Tips: Build Your Case: Social Media Reporting Automation

Biz Tip:

Build Your Case: Social Media Reporting Automation

Pitch the benefits of social media automation tools to streamline your reporting and free up more time to spend on high value work

The role of a social media expert is vast. From content creation, scheduling, analysing data, compiling reports, the list goes on. Keeping each responsibility streamlined helps to free up more time to spend on high-value work.

There are so many useful tools to support those working in social media. Canva and AnswerThePublic are two that most likely come to mind for many when looking for content creation inspiration.

When it comes to reporting, did you know that with Locowise, for as little as $6 per client per week, your social media reports can be completely taken care of? But even at that small cost, we understand it can be hard to convince those in charge of budgets to sign off the costs.

So, not only do we want to help you make social media reporting quicker, easier, and more impressive, we also want to help you build your case for investing in automation tools for your reporting. Firstly, it’s important to make sure that those in charge of budgets understand how much time and cost is taken up by producing social media reports manually, which our research tells us includes:

  • Spending up to an hour per client report
  • Limited data from the platform insights
  • Basic presentation options if using platforms such as PowerPoint / Excel (or equivalent)

How can this can be made better and easier with Locowise? We provide:

  • Instant, automated reports
  • 300+ individual metrics
  • Beautiful, easy to understand reports
  • Scheduling function to send reports directly to those you report to
  • Predictive metrics so you can see the future of social media
  • Social Audits to provide an in-depth analysis into your accounts
  • One central location for all information
  • Paid and organic reporting in one place
  • And so much more!

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