Biz Tips: Branding is Everyone’s Job — 5 Featured Stories

Biz Tips: Branding is Everyone’s Job — 5 Featured Stories


Branding is Everyone’s Job — 5 Featured Stories

The term “branding” is kind of like airplanes: very few people truly understand how it works, and yet we all know it’s working somehow.

Branding is why you continue to buy iPhones even though Samsung phone capabilities are now equal, if not superior, to Apple’s product.

It’s also why you’ll pay significantly more for a black fleece coat that says “North Face” than another, probably equally warm and cozy, fleece from Target.

So even as millennials supposedly destroy industries and show little brand loyalty, branding is still relevant for a business’ success.

In this week’s article highlight, Branding vs Marketing: What’s more Important?, Mark Growth author Daniyal Wali explains the strategic value of branding and how it should jive with your marketing tactics. Find out if branding or marketing is more important for your business.

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Mark Growth Featured Stories

Unsurprisingly, branding is a popular topic on the Mark Growth publication. There’s still a certain mystery, a je ne sais quoi about it. As marketers figure out how to build their personal, employer’s and business’ brand, they learn a few things along the way that uncover part of the magic.

Check out these featured Mark Growth articles for branding advice and lessons learned.

Optimizing for Humans: Create a Brand That’s Loved

In this article writer Daniel Ndukwu argues that at the end of the day, your customers want to be treated like humans. Yet, we’re all preoccupied with automating this and optimizing that. Learn how to keep your human customers at the center of your brand.

If Nike can do it, so can you!

Author KB explains why we connect with iconic brands like Nike, Starbucks and Dove and offers a few tips about how you can build a brand like them. Find out how to get customers for life.

How to Build Relationships to Increase Your Web Presence

Writer Roy Harmon interviews Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré and discovers her secrets to building a successful and well-known personal brand. Learn Nichole’s no-nonsense brand building approaches here.

Calling All Brands! It’s Time To Become Human

Contributor Arnt Eriksen explains that because 63% of people are influenced more by other people than brands, brands need to act like humans to attract the modern consumer. Find out what “acting like humans” entails here.

If Car Brands Had Honest Slogans…

And just for fun, writer Niklas Göke takes an honest look at car companies and what some consumers might think of their branding. Get a giggle here.

Mark Growth Author of the Week

Daniel Ndukwu
Daniel Ndukwu is a creative entrepreneur, the founder of and a prolific writer. You can follow him on Medium here.

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