Biz Tips: Being Too “Transactional”

Biz Tips: Being Too “Transactional”


Being Too “Transactional”

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You know those people you meet and when you talk to them, you have this gut feeling that they’re trying to sell you something?

Yeah, I think I’m that person.

It’s like I can’t stop myself from ‘selling too hard’ or ‘looking desperate’. I try so hard to live by the whole “jab, jab, jab, right hook” method but it is so damn hard! So, it got me thinking why some people are able to sell so well.

I have this co-worker (Tan Yi Kai) who is so brilliant and humorous. And he has earned thousands of $$ from his side hustle. He has that social media influence that when he posts something, people engage with his message and (potentially) buy from him.

And there are many others out there who get similar results to Yi Kai. People like Tom Kuegler who shouts out that he’s selling his course & people instantly signs up. Gary Vaynerchuk who releases a shoe design and it sells out.

So how do they get people to buy without being seen as transactional?

By Providing Value

The whole idea of “jab, jab, jab, right hook” is to give more value than you take. And there’s probably where I lacked. We live in a time where people are smarter and entitled.

People are smart because they know they don’t NEED your product or services. In the age of technology and internet, they know that whatever you’re offering, someone on the internet can sell it cheaper.

And I say they’re entitled because they want to feel important and you owe it to them.

So, giving out more value than you take puts you in a vulnerable situation. But you can earn their trust & loyalty.

A lot more ways to make a better seller but the important thing to note is to just be a genuine person.

I’m gonna be honest with you. My train of thoughts died down after I wrote that last paragraph and right now, my mind is blank right now. So, I’m gonna leave it at that. If you wanna learn more about how I’ve failed at selling, hit me up on Instagram or Twitter. Probably by us having that conversation, my thoughts can formulate an answer.

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