Biz Tips: Beaconstac And Kumulos Make Proximity Marketing Simpler

Biz Tips: Beaconstac And Kumulos Make Proximity Marketing Simpler


Beaconstac And Kumulos Make Proximity Marketing Simpler

Making a beacon-aware app just got a whole lot simpler. Mobile developers and mobile development agencies can now access the robust mobile app performance management by Kumulos as well as Beaconstac’s comprehensive proximity marketing solution to send push notifications using beacons.

Announcing the partnership, Kumulos Founder & Director, Bob Lawson says, “There’s a great fit between Kumulos and Beaconstac which really complements each other’s technologies. Together, we now provide developers with even more options for location triggered push notifications and proximity marketing using beacons and geo-fence technology.”

What sets Kumulos apart from other platforms?

Kumulos helps app developers and agencies to manage the entire life cycle of the app through one portal.

Not only can you leverage Kumulos to manage the technical side of the app development but you can also oversee the commercial performance of your app. Kumulos allows you to –

Send push notifications with BEACONSTAC

Kumulos allows developers to send beacon-powered notifications with Beaconstac in addition to geo-fencing making it an infallible and comprehensive way to send relevant proximity marketing campaigns to customers.

Create apps that always run smoothly

Kumulos alerts you directly on Slack if your app is crashing making it easy to catch and fix problems so that your app keeps running smoothly.

Have a different app portal for clients

Mobile app developers and agencies can offer their clients a detailed report of how the app is performing and send automated reports. Clients also get their own app portal to view all the insights.

Build apps 40% faster with drag and drop UI

Kumulos allows you to build apps 40% faster by taking care of all the hard work that involves making API calls and building databases with an easy to use drag and drop UI.

Acquire new customers

Optimize your listing on the App Store using Kumulos so that your target audience sees your app first.

How to get started with Kumulos to build a beacon-powered app in 3 easy steps

  1. Become a premium Beaconstac customer
  2. Sign up on Kumulos
  3. Add the push notification capability

Leverage Kumulos and Beaconstac to build beacon apps 40% faster. Schedule a demo with Kumulos to discuss your use-case.

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