Biz Tips: ATS vs CRM: What Does Your Headhunting Agency Need?

Biz Tips: ATS vs CRM: What Does Your Headhunting Agency Need?

Biz Tip:

ATS vs CRM: What Does Your Headhunting Agency Need?

Don’t let a bad decision over choosing the right HR software tamper with your company growth.

As recruiters, there is already so much stuff to do in the day-to-day operations. Headhunting agencies already got their plates full from tracking hundreds of leads, doing sales calls for each of them, planning effective conversion strategies, and so much more. With such a heavy workload, it’s imperative to use the necessary tools to make work more efficient.
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Some of the major ones that most recruiters use are ATS and CRM, but which one do you need more?

It’s a common dilemma that most agencies face and a lot of recruiters debate on which one is more superior to the other. Why don’t we put them in the ring and see which prevails?

On the Left Corner: ATS

The ATS is a powerful and multi-faceted contender that’s full of surprises. It optimizes the recruitment processes using a variety of tools and features from job postings down to smart analytics, which help recruiters save time and effort for maximum productivity.

It mainly streamlines job ads on multiple channels and funnels all incoming applications into one platform. It’s very convenient for reaching out to several candidates all at once, which gives you more chances of finding qualified talent faster and better. Think of it as a killer right hook built up with strength in accumulative momentum!
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ATS StrengthsATS Strengths

Aside from that, ATS has a lot of hidden tricks under its sleeves. It has a number of AI features that helps you parse resumes, give candidate recommendations, create career pages for free, and receive smart analytics.

The latter is crucial because it provides valuable insight that can help you recruit better. It shows you where most of your applicants came from, what job roles have the fastest time-to-hire, and every detail you need to know to oversee your KPIs. These can help you develop your recruitment approach, re-evaluate available positions, and even predict potential recruitment trends.

With ATS’ diverse moves and techniques, it’s impossible not to be caught off-guard!

On the Right Corner: CRM

The recruitment Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has a very distinct and calculated style that can potently knock out its opponents. It has one objective in mind which is to convert leads into clients.

It does this using its fully customizable and simplified pipeline to track and monitor customer progress in a centralized platform. It allows you to collectively manage client stages and forecast feasible action steps to move them further along the sales funnel. Just like a boxer closing in its enemy with concise jabs and uppercuts.

Recruitment CRM Strengths

Recruitment CRM can do this with ease because of its easy data entry. The moment you add leads to your pipeline, you can input all their data with just a few clicks—giving you chances to get to them better so you can devise an appropriate way to start your pitch based on their background.

This is amazing because it stores all customer profiles into its cloud, which you can access anytime, anywhere. This is very useful especially if you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of customers. You can backtrack past information in matters of seconds and resume to the current agenda without anything falling through the cracks.

Additionally, CRM boosts sales productivity exponentially by allowing relevant team members to access the platform in case an assigned recruiter is busy with a certain customer. Its colleague can just look up the stored information on the software first to be aware of what has been done and what is to be done and take over operations seamlessly.

True enough, CRM proves to be a worthy fighter with its precision and accuracy.

The Result? It’s a Double-KO!

What? A Double-KO? How?

ATS and recruitment CRM have two very different purposes that make it an equal match. If you want your agency to have a holistic growth and development, you need to integrate both into your operations.

Firstly and foremost, the recruitment CRM caters more to recruitment, headhunting, and staffing agencies to acquire clients who require candidates.

Then, you need an ATS to hire better candidates faster using its 360 recruitment solutions from the moment you scout talent up until you hire them.

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