Biz Tips: Artificial Intelligence, Customer Knowledge (DATA), Customer Experiences, RGPD, loyalty…

Biz Tips: Artificial Intelligence, Customer Knowledge (DATA), Customer Experiences, RGPD, loyalty…


Artificial Intelligence, Customer Knowledge (DATA), Customer Experiences, RGPD, loyalty…

Artificial Intelligence, Customer Knowledge (DATA), Customer Experiences, RGPD, loyalty: PERSPECTIVES 2018

In 2018 the customer relationship (and the resulting customer experience) will be subject to new obligations, trends and technological phenomena. So how to navigate? What are the prospects for HRIS and for HR Planning and Time Management tools?

Artificial intelligence

The near future is here, so should we choose or suffer the future? To be a spectator or an actor? Holy-Dis has chosen to accompany you in your choices. The uses and processes related to artificial intelligence are clarified to offer organizations better management of customer interactions at a lower cost. Many companies are developing and testing devices to ease customer relationship management. Holy-Dis is listening to these changes to develop smarter Workforce Management solutions.Collaborative working hours, relational intelligence, carpooling, annualization of work schedules, task management & versatility, job opening forecasting, many solutions have been developed to meet the new expectations and new needs of users. Read more >>

Customer Knowledge (DATA)

From agent in the contact center to a salesman in a shop, the contacts of each brand with their customers are more and more accelerated and “musicals”. Customer knowledge and profiling are therefore important and intrinsic in the daily life of the company. But then how to consolidate this customer knowledge? At Holy-Dis we advise our customers to provide processing time for teams and employees in the field. Moreover, the consolidation of attendance data also feeds a history that reveals trends and patterns of behavior, peak activity between 15h and 18h ​​or decline in attendance at the end of the month for example. This structured information then makes it possible to better plan the agents for an optimized response time to the requests of the customers, without over-sizing the teams ( over-match ) or increasing the customer waiting time ( understaffed ). ‘Back-office’ tasks help to fill the gap periods.

Customer Experience

The company must put in place the conditions to facilitate the collection, dissemination, and exploitation of the ‘customer’s voice’. the Customer must be at the heart of everything and in particular the transformations and evolution of the company and its organization. The roles, the scope, the means are more and more the object of a finer attention on the part of executives, aware of the sounding box offered by social networks. The omnichannel must be managed with an iron hand to provide a consistent experience for each customer, from the first contact to the various exchanges aftermarket. To achieve this, CRM, management software but also the fine management of its front-line teams is essential!Skills, tasks, training, coaching, management, HR administration will need to be mastered to be more responsive and flexible to phenomena and effects of the announcement. Customer relationship, an increasingly complex and complex mission.


Customer loyalty goes without saying, this is part of your DNA … But 2018 will also retain and retain the company’s stakeholders. In large companies as in smaller ones, retaining skills and training “brand bearers” is becoming increasingly critical. With the acceleration of interactions and exchanges with organizations, brands rely more and more on the accuracy of responses to customer solicitations. While turnover rates are very high in contact centers it is now essential to know how to retain those who carry a positive brand image with customers. To achieve this, beyond the compensation or profit-sharing schemes, the remote work policy, the flexibility of schedules, the consideration of desiderata, the possibility of having ‘Individual’ schedules are at the heart of employee expectations.

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