Biz Tips: A Critical Lesson I’ve Learned from Network Marketers

Biz Tips: A Critical Lesson I’ve Learned from Network Marketers


A Critical Lesson I’ve Learned from Network Marketers

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Are you Open Minded?

You have a headache when you got up this morning. You can’t function well during the day, so you decided to drop by the nearest pharmacy to buy medicine.

“I’ve had this headache for days now. It doesn’t seem to go away.”

“We have the right medicine for you. This will get rid of headaches for the rest of your life.”

“Boy, that sounds good. Are you sure? For the rest of my life? How much is it? Can I even afford such magic potion?”

“That’ll be a million dollars. And it’ll take effect in ten years.”

Your jaw drops and if you have the capacity, you’ll slap this man’s face.

We are animals. When our reptilian brain kicks in, we want things immediately solved.

A migraine? Hunger? Lust? Anger?

We want a quick fix to solve our problems.

And this is how Ponzi schemes, network marketers, or pyramids schemes continue to lure people into their business opportunity.

This type of scam is attributed to Italian con artist Charles Ponzi who duped thousands of people and walked away with millions of dollars.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs lists financial security as the foundation of people’s needs. Everyone can understand the need for food and shelter.

In the modern age that translates to having enough money to buy yourself roof and rice.

Ponzi promised investors a return of 100% in 90 days. Put in a million dollars today, and you get it back in full after three months. This will continue to grow in the following months.

He initially wanted to get a business loan from the banks, but got rejected.

Then he convinced 18 friends to invest in his venture. He promised them a return on investment if they can invite more people to invest. And the vicious cycle began. It didn’t take that long for Ponzi to accumulate money. It came to the point that he was collecting a million dollars per day.

It is human psychology that we want results as fast as we can.

No wonder we consume so much get-rich-quick, six-pack abs in one week, or happiness in one retreat.

It’s a hard pill to swallow that these things take time.

But there’s a learning here.

Charles Ponzi showed us that we need to scratch that itch for people to start listening. The crowd will not listen if you tell them they’d need twenty years before they start getting any results.

Show them what’s possible in the shortest span of time, regardless of how minuscule it is.

Is it possible to earn a hundred dollars per month with online arbitrage? Increase your deadlift by thirty percent? Or get a date in one month?

Whatever it is, give people small wins to keep them going.

Just don’t con them.

And do this for yourself. Celebrate the small milestones and appreciate the results.

Talk to you soon my friend.

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