Biz Tips: 8 Tips to Help You Give an Engaging Online Presentation

Biz Tips: 8 Tips to Help You Give an Engaging Online Presentation

Biz Tip:

8 Tips to Help You Give an Engaging Online Presentation

The pandemic had changed the world as we know it, especially when it came to employment. Whereas telecommuting was only an option a few years ago, it has become the norm today. In fact, 74% of employees believe that remote work should be a standard.

With this work-from-home setup stems one challenge: presenting online. It’s hard enough to engage your workmates in real life, more so remotely.

Despite this issue, you can succeed in giving an engaging online presentation. All you need to do is follow these eight tips:

1. Prepare Your Tech

Even if you’re more than ready to present, it’ll be useless if your devices are down.

It pays to prepare ahead of time, so you should check your tech several minutes before taking the (online) floor.

  • Close all the unnecessary programs running on your laptop.
  • Practice using your microphone, webcam, and other devices to check if they’re functional.
  • Use a wired connection, if possible. It’s more reliable than Wi-Fi.
  • Have another laptop or device ready in case of a tech emergency.
  • Save a copy of your presentation on another storage device.

2. Lighting is Everything

Your viewers would sure love to see your face as you present. However, they may have a hard time visualizing you if you’re presenting in a dark room.

It’s as simple as setting your station in front of the window. Don’t do the opposite, as the glaring light behind will make you look darker.

If you can’t find a well-lit corner in your home, you can always use artificial lighting. For one, you can place a desk lamp behind your laptop and focus it on your face.

When you do this, make sure to minimize the other light sources in the run. Close the curtains or the blinds to avoid creating a shadow.

3. Maintain Eye Level

Just like in your real-life presentation, you should look at your audience in the eye.

It’s harder to do this virtually, so you need to ensure that your webcam is at eye level. You can do this by stacking some books under your laptop.

When you do this, see that you are still at the front and center of the screen. You wouldn’t want your head to be cut off in the presentation!

Lastly, sit a few inches away from your laptop. You don’t want your face all blown up – it’s unflattering.
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4. Set the Sound

Good audio makes for an excellent online presentation. But even if they hear you, they won’t be able to pick up what you said if there’s a lot of background noise.

To avoid this, you need to set your station up in a quiet room. If it’s a tall task given your kids and pets, you should invest in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. That way, you can deliver your presentation perfectly – even if your children are bawling in the background.

5. Be Happy

Presentations can be stressful, but you shouldn’t sound like it. Your audience can easily pick this up.

If possible, set yourself in a good mood. This will make you feel better and sound better. If you’re perky, chances are you’ll infect your viewers with some happiness too.

6. Make Sure That Your Audience is Engaged

You want to make sure that your viewers are paying attention. The longer your pitch is, the easier it is for them to drift away from the conversation.

For one, you need to pick up the pace. If you speak slowly, there’s a chance that they’ll doze off or focus on something else.

Since it’s hard to avoid this downtime, you can re-engage your audience by:

  • Asking questions, comments, or feedback
  • ‘Storytelling’ or citing an anecdote
  • Providing concrete examples
  • Showing an engaging video or related images

7. Keep Your Slides Simple

You don’t want to overwhelm your virtual audience with a barrage of graphs, images, and text. As always, it pays to keep everything simple.

For one, you should put the headline as the slide title. As for the rest of the text, place them in the center. If you put them on the side, there’s a chance that some of your viewers would not be able to read all of them.

It’s also good to use a high-contrast slide. If you don’t know what style to use, you can always download professionally designed templates. They’re primarily made for online presentations, so they use colors and designs that suit any screen.

8. Use an Attention-Tracking Feature

Even if you do everything you can to engage your audience, you won’t always be successful. That said, you can improve your chances by using an attention tracking feature. This will alert you to a viewer who’s using another app during the presentation.

Giving an engaging online presentation can be challenging. But as long as you follow the tips above, you can grab (and sustain) your audience’s interest.

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