Biz Tips: 8 Successful Ways to Promote your Facebook Business Page

Biz Tips: 8 Successful Ways to Promote your Facebook Business Page

Biz Tip:

8 Successful Ways to Promote your Facebook Business Page

If you own a business, it’s a good bet that you’re always looking for ways to increase brand awareness and create visibility.

A Facebook Business Page is a great way to spread the word.

However, a Facebook Business Page is only as effective as the number and quality of people who view it. It can be hard to get your page noticed and get more likes. It’s also challenging to increase organic reach for your posts.

So how can you get more people to your page?

Why your business should use Facebook

Facebook users tend to use the app for extended periods (most people use their mobile devices). 2021 data shows that they spend 33 minutes a day on the platform:

Average time spent on social media by platformHubSpot

More than 200 million small businesses have been using Facebook Business Pages to maximize their business potential. Here are 8 ways to promote yours:

1. Give your page a personal touch

If you own a company, setting up a Facebook Business Page will help you put a face on it without leveraging your own profile.

People don’t want to purchase from an anonymous entity. Make sure your posts are relatable and personal. When promoting a product, make sure to tell your readers why they should buy it.

Many companies have created highly successful Facebook Business Pages. For example, Samsung has more than 160 million followers and is the most popular page on the platform. They stay on top by sharing heartfelt, relevant content and not just sales posts.

Samsung on FacebookFacebook Group, which will benefit you in many ways:

“Facebook Groups allow you to poll your members and receive feedback as well as start a conversation around any topic. From product concept feedback to customer experiences, it’s a source of the most raw and honest feedback you can find in an online environment.”

— Steven Zeldes, CEO of AvaCare Medical

5. Promote your Facebook Business Page everywhere you can

Let’s look at your current network, AKA the people you know.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re your friends, colleagues, or followers on other social media accounts — it’s time to put them to work 🙂 You’re already connected to them on Facebook, so it’s very likely that they would happily help you.

So start promoting now!

Post to your Instagram and Twitter accounts. Tell your friends and their parents so they can spread the word. Also, make sure to include a link back from your page in any Facebook groups you have created.

In short, do your best to ensure that people can find their way to your Facebook page in many ways.

6. Use Facebook Stories and Facebook Live

Facebook Stories and Facebook Live are two newer tools that Facebook has launched.

They enable you to have deeper connections with your audience.

  • Facebook Stories is perfect for day-in-the-life updates, from silly to sincere, or maybe quick promotions for your business.
  • Facebook Live gives you an even more personal connection. Try live-stream exciting events or just posting a daily update.

7. Keep a regular posting schedule

Consistency is key to success.

It’s vital to keep a regular posting schedule if you want to gain followers and achieve success. When you continue to pop up in your audience’s feeds, it will keep you in mind. Posting regularly will also give you a beautiful front page.

Visitors like to see consistent recent posts to ensure they can look forward to frequent quality content. Post at least once a week, preferably 1-2 times per day.

Best times to post on FacebookSprout Social

There’s no reason to be anxious if you’re too busy to adhere to a strict posting schedule. While it’s best to do it manually, there are many options to automate Facebook Business Page posts, including WordPress plugins and standalone apps specifically designed for this purpose.

8. Engage your Audience and Your Peers

Isn’t it great to receive comments and reactions every time you post?

This feeling is not unique to you — it’s common for almost everyone, including your target audience.

Use your Facebook Business Page and profile to find and follow people whose interests align with your brand. Then, comment and respond as much as possible to their posts.

Be careful not to make it sound like you are trying to sell yourself. Instead, post genuine, thoughtful comments — people appreciate it and are more likely to visit your page as a result.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to businesses whose products complement yours. They were all getting started and trying to accomplish the same goals as you have a while back and are usually happy to help you. For example, send a message to a successful account that you admire telling them so — great things could happen if you hear back.

It’s definitely possible to increase your Facebook Business Page’s following.

If you engage with others and keep up with consistent, high-quality posts, you’ll gain more brand visibility and potential customers at the top of your funnel.

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