Biz Tips: 7 Social Media Recruitment Tips to Get More Quality Candidates

Biz Tips: 7 Social Media Recruitment Tips to Get More Quality Candidates

Biz Tip:

7 Social Media Recruitment Tips to Get More Quality Candidates

Fun Fact: 92% of recruiters‘ technique to find quality candidates is through social media.

That’s an overwhelming amount of people who believe in the power of social media. It shows undeniable credibility and reliability that it works successfully in getting top talents.

In a way, that’s not so surprising at all. A lot of people (3.78 billion to be exact) have accounts online and a multitude of them might just be who your company needs. You can also take advantage of the fact that 79% of them look for job opportunities on social media.

That is why you should divert your attention to social recruiting. In our previous article, we tackled convincing statistics on why it’s beneficial to the business. Now, we’re going to lay down some tips on how to use social media for recruitment effectively and efficiently.

7 Tips in Using Social Media in Recruitment

1. Establish a presence online

First and foremost, if you want to target online people, you need to be online, as well. This can be done through several platforms like your own website and social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Creating one, being active, and engaging with prospects there will establish a rapport between you and your target audience. This will be good because when you post or share job ads through social media, people will pay more attention and will not skip it.

2. Create quality content

Make your content engaging and interesting whenever you post, despite the brand tonality. Ensure that you get the message across and people know exactly what your company stands for and what they can expect working with you.

This may or may not apply to job ads. You can do simple posts like informative article write-ups, engaging posters (i.e. posting about worldwide celebrations, asking questions to your followers, etc.), and more. Just remember that the more traffic you get, the better!

3. Optimize where you post job ads

Now that you’ve created amazing content, it’s time to decide where to post them. You may very well post on as many platforms as you’d like, but that would come across a bit off and would take more effort than necessary.

Know the best sites to focus on, and it will pay off well. For example, a study by Agency Central revealed that 19/20 of their target respondents are on LinkedIn. With almost every professional there, it would be easy to fill positions faster.

Depending on the nature of the job vacancy, you can even go to unconventional sites such as Reddit or Tiktok if you plan to target Gen Z talents!

4. Encourage employees to share content online

Create an internal army with your employees. Referrals do wonders and 45% of them tend to be quality hires and will stay longer than non-referred people. This will give you more chances of avoiding bad hires that can cost your business tons of money.

Let them share your job posts on their social media, too. This way, it will be more credible for their personal connections that they know someone working for a certain company. Want to give them a little motivation to share? An employee referral program would do the trick!

5. Improve employer branding through career pages

Your career pages are just as important as your social media pages. When you post on such platforms, it’s best to direct them to your own career page, too. Why? First, it brings more organic traffic to your website. Second, it can let people have a better understanding of your brand.

Through your career page, you can display different aspects of your company culture, mission, and vision. When people understand this better, they will be more likely to apply to your job post.

Think about it, when you only post on social media, people would think that it’s just another job ad on the internet. However, if you entice them enough through your branded career page, it will keep them hooked and greatly improve your employer branding.

6. Join groups on social media

This one is a little hack that you should consider. When you post on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, there are groups where you can join depending on your niche.

For example, it’s recruitment. Just search for groups there and, undoubtedly, you’ll find channels where you can connect with like-minded individuals.
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This is great because it will bring organic traffic and interest to your content, especially if it tailors to their liking and preference.
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For LinkedIn, just type a keyword and filter the results out under “Groups”. There, you’ll see existing channels along with the number of members. Need we say more that you should opt for those with a lot of people in it?

7. Use a recruitment software

Last but not the least, don’t disregard saas recruitment software. Such tools like a recruitment Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can help you automate tasks and allow you to post on multiple channels with just a few clicks!

Say goodbye to manually going through various websites and sharing each job ad one by one. With your trusted recruitment ATS, you can easily save time and do other equally important tasks instead.

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