Biz Tips: 6 Unnoticed Growth Hacking Strategies for SMB’s

Biz Tips: 6 Unnoticed Growth Hacking Strategies for SMB’s


6 Unnoticed Growth Hacking Strategies for SMB’s

In today’s world, small and mid-size business start-ups look for the growth hackers which may be an expert team of designers, developers, product managers, engineers, and marketers who set the foundation of success for the small businesses by providing viable strategies. The primary goal to seek growth hackers is the rapid growth of the small business entities. Any business seeks sustainable growth, and the growth hackers tend to focus on lowering the customer acquisition cost as a part of their lead generation strategy. There are a lot of resources to understand the growth hacking strategies, but you need to implement the right one to get the results as early as possible.

Here are a few unnoticed growth hacking strategies, which may help small business small business owners, to solidify their places in their industries:

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Prepare an effective growth plan

Though, it is something fundamental, but, people usually take the growth planning of the business for granted. They do prepare a business plan but do not devote their time to making the growth planning strategy. Small business owners neglect this step but do expect more significant revenues and profits, which is next to impossible to attain. For the sustainable growth of your business in the long-term, start preparing a growth strategy from the beginning of the start-up.

Start counting content as a king of the growth strategy

Successful small business owners understand the power of writing, and thus they use the user-generated content as a persuasive tool of the growth strategy. One should keep a good share of the business budget for publishing the valuable content. It is one of the great hacks to enroll users in your business. This growth hack works wonder for the health, fashion, and fitness business models. These business models urge customers to publish their content which may further impel customer loyalty.

Know your customer’s lifetime value

Some of the small business owners choose the moderate routes to attain new customer. Although they seek immediate growth and profit of their business, they do not want to opt the other efficient ways, which are far better and gives quick results. There are very effective social media platforms, which takes investment but saves time and energy. As an example, Google AdWords, is a much faster and optimized media platform to reach the target audience and even comprises the tools which help in analyzing the quality score and number of leads generated for your business. In this competitive world time is also money, and when you invest time, it means a lot than spending the money.

Another valuable growth hack strategy is to give temptations to attract the customer with an open heart. Business at the very initial stage is very crucial, and acquiring the customers takes a lot of investment in the beginning. So, giving discounts or free trial service is not at all a wrong move. Most of the businesses do that and have become successful now. One can try an employee-based referral program as a growth hack. The motive is to get the people hooked with your business and to turn them into monthly customers for life.

Automate everything possible

Since business owners are usually busy in tackling with the day-to-day tasks, it is the best growth hack for them to automate the things as much as they can. As already stated, time is money, so, one can free up more time by the automation of specific tasks like Email and content marketing can ease the necessary follow-up of the new customers. Also, automation saves time even via smarter online funnels, ringless voicemail campaigns, Facebook chatbots, and bulk SMS. Repetitive tasks can be automated and help to grow faster. It is beneficial,especially the marketing and sales department of your business.

Implement Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) infinite applications, which helps the small businesses to grow successfully through the digital marketing. PPC, SEO, and SMM are the primary tools which fall under Artificial Intelligence. Using AI, valuable contents can be provided for sale pages, blogs, and PR via efficient machine learning process.

The significant era of using the AI is the marketing department including the Google AdWords and Facebook ads management.

Both are now capable of feeding the recommendations for improving campaigns based on performance.

A perfect growth hack using AI includes the outsourcing of the work to an inexpensive team to intervene and manage these campaigns, to avoid the businesses risk triggering lawsuits.

Arrange Financers

Arranging the funds is one of the most unnoticed growth hacking strategies for SMB’s. One can raise money through strategic partnerships without giving up equity. There is an enormous number of startups which raises funds via other means but have to be indebted for the same. Thus, one who masters the predictable creation of marketing returns on Google and Facebook is considered to be the working capital. It is capable of fueling business growth.


Every new startup requires to be calculative when it comes to the use of resources and assets to attain sustainability and rapid growth. A small and medium size business can achieve this goal efficiently if they come up with the effective growth hacks strategies while creating a business plan.

It takes little effort for the expansion of the business if the small business owners follow the growth hacks at the time of business plan execution. The business can rapidly grow, by not opting for the standard route which usually takes more time and is less achievable.

Start investing in social media platforms which is an alternative to the traditional methods of growing a business. It is a significant time savior decision for the small business marketing strategy. One can even try an employee-based referral program to boost up the profits, which creates a win-win situation by reducing the marketing campaign costs and increasing the employee’s satisfaction.

Thus, focus on creating a growth plan, start investing more without hesitating, on the automation and digital technology or social media platforms. It saves time, which is the most critical asset for any small business owner and helps to achieve rapid growth.

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