Biz Tips: 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Email Campaigns

Biz Tips: 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Email Campaigns


5 Ways To Upgrade Your Email Campaigns

Quick Fixes to Increase Your Long-Term Gain

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If you’ve done anything on the Internet, you’ve been added to an email drip campaign. If you want to get anything for free on the web, you will be signing up for an email list. That list will start to drip on you the second after you click sign up.

Sometimes they work. Most of the time they don’t. But it’s a numbers game.

The Intention of a Drip Campaign

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Or in layman’s terms:

A drip campaign is a method used in email marketing to oversaturate customers’ inbox with relevant information about the company and/or product with multiple calls-to-action in order to induce a response and/or conversion.

What Drip Campaigns Wish They Were

“I am like a drop of water on a rock. After drip, drip, dripping in the same place, I begin to leave a mark, and I leave my mark in many people’s hearts.” — Rigoberta Menchu

This is the hope. That we slowly add value until we’ve added so much that you can no longer resist our product or service. But if you’ve been on one email campaign, you’ve been on most. What they wish they were is never what they are.

Why Most Drip Campaigns Suck

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  • They are surreptitious.
  • They are unwanted.
  • They are unwarranted.
  • They are impersonal.
  • They are irrelevant.
  • They arrive too often.
  • They include too many calls-to-action.
  • They are too long-winded.
  • They are visually unappealing.

This is what you are up against. This is just a small list.

No one likes being on a drip campaign unless they specifically requested to learn more about your business, product or service. And then they will still grow to hate it.

We don’t even care about phone numbers anymore. We don’t want to call you. We just want your email. Then we can put you on a drip campaign and let it do the work for us.

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Email Campaigns

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1. Make sure it’s personalized.

This is simple in most email management systems. Add the mail merge code for first name to every email so it reads:

Dear {first name},

It makes a big difference to the recipient. Even when I know it’s a drip campaign (which is always), I still appreciate seeing my name at the top.

Pro tip: Every third to fifth email in the campaign, include the mail merge for first name in the subject line so it reads:

Great news for you {first name}!


{first name}, today is your day!

Don’t overdo it though. It’s like an e-handshake before your drippy pitch. It’s warmer.

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2. Tell them it’s automated.

Most people know anyway. Especially when it’s not personalized. Especially when they get the first email one second after they sign up for something (see #3).

When I was in real estate I had a very complex text and email response system through Follow Up Boss. But I did something no one else was willing to do. I told them it was an automated response.

I knew they were going to get it one second after they clicked, so I wanted them to know that we have advanced systems and that I wasn’t sitting there waiting for their email at 2:17 a.m.

My email (and text when applicable) back read:

Hey {first name}! Thanks for contacting us. This email (text) is automated, but I am not. We just wanted to let you know we received your inquiry. When you respond, a live person will get in touch with you.

3. Delay the drip and space it out.

Set the first email to go out after 24 hours instead of right away. Give them some breathing room.

Don’t send an email every day. I know what the coaches say. In real estate they used to say to call three times right away, then three more times that day, then three times a day for three days, and so on. That’s stalking.

Spread them out so they don’t think you are a company that spams people. Set it for one day, five days, ten days, and so on.

Trust your brand.

It’s not the email. It’s the business, product or service. It’s your brand.

For me, nothing is worse than when I willingly sign up for an email list, but get bombarded with one email a day for the first week. I’m out by day two or three every time.

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4. Change no names in the system.

If you have landing pages that require email only, you will get a lot of email addresses without a first name and last name. Sometimes your system will code them with No Name for their first name.

So when you send out a {first name} via mail merge on your drip campaign, it reads like this:

Dear No Name,

Have a person (or a bot) go through your signups and change everyone named No Name (or blank) to “…actually we don’t have your name yet. Can you help us out?” So it reads like this instead:

Dear…actually we don’t have your name yet. Can you help us out?,

Side note/Pro tip: I used to get a lot of profanity-laced sign ups. First name — Fuck. Last name — You. If you do enough marketing, you get these all the time. People know the game.

I like to leave those names as is, even after I figure out who they are using Rapportive (now LinkedIn Sales Navigator) or a quick Google search. This means they get back what they put in. Imagine how funny it is when they get:

Dear Fuck,

They may even laugh. They may even respond.

5. Start micromarketing.

The Art of Micromarketing and Why You Suck At It

The tighter you adjust your content to specific lists, the better your campaigns will be. Everyone in your database is not interested in the same content. Give them some options.

P.S. — You should have different drip campaigns for the responsiveness of your database.

Example: If they respond to an email in the first drip campaign, they should be moved to a secondary drip campaign that is even more personal instead of remaining on the original drip.

These 5 ways to upgrade your email campaigns are quick fixes to increase your long-term gain. Who doesn’t want that?

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