Biz Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Brand Appeal to Millennials

Biz Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Brand Appeal to Millennials


5 Ways to Make Your Brand Appeal to Millennials

Ah, millenials.

In the corporate world, they’re seen either as a modern day plague, or the proverbial Holy Grail that makes a company soar. Just looking at the headlines about established brands going under because of millennials makes businesses fret for their future.

But in all honesty, the problem is not as complex as the media make it out to be. This is simply a consumer shift, and by delving into some core points, we’ll hopefully put some of them at ease. So, how to appeal to millennials, you ask?

1. Be online

While your company is probably already online, it’s important to understand that brands can only survive by just having a website, newsletter and subscriptions. To truly thrive among millennials, you need more than online visibility — your brand needs a presence. That means having active accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, and presenting your content in platform-appropriate ways.

Be wary of: Branching out too much.

Better to have one solid account than four poor ones. Find the one that “clicks” with your brand, because failing to utilize these platforms to their fullest ends up being a waste of time, resources, and ultimately harms the brand by making its engagement look clumsy, mismanaged, and forced.

2. Connect

During the ’50s, TV ads could easily sell a product by pushing a brand as a life-improving necessity. Today, millennials see right through ad campaigns, and they won’t stand by a brand whose interest in its consumers extends merely to sales pitches. With them, you need to be transparent, honest, and heartfelt, regardless of what your product or service is. Crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter have created a new standard for company-consumer dynamics, causing a shift towards consumers support people rather than enterprises.

Be wary of: Overthinking it.

You don’t need a convoluted, complex personal story wrapped up to sound realistic. Really look into your own beginnings, the purpose and goal of your brand. A simple video of a CEO talking about his humble beginnings or the brand vision does much more than a larger-than-life one with paid smiling actors.

3. Make your brand about THEM

More than anything, the millennial generation loves to be a part of the bigger picture. Let them identify with your brand in their own, personal way. They navigate social media on a daily basis, and by sharing their experience with your brand in an interactive way YOU set up (promotional events, taking photos with the product in certain situations/places), they feel like they’re part of a movement. Give them the spotlight, and watch it return to you tenfold.

Be wary of: Letting go of the reins.

Online interactivity can also get out of hand, as the Internet provides a great deal of user freedom. Make sure you’ve created a set of rules that will keep your campaign safe from spiraling out of control.

4. Develop your own thing

While a brand represents a specific lifestyle, an image, a set of values, there’s always a certain detachment present when advertised on social media. Luckily, the food industry has pretty much cracked the code years ago. PR experts handling their Twitter profiles use humor in communication with customers, and witty banter with other brands, endearing their followers and gaining popularity with millenials. So, consider giving your brand a personality, voice, even a character that can feel as personal as a friend, and yet retain its professional core.

Also try outsourcing app development and come up with a unique way to engage with your users, other than your website or social media. This will make things even more personal, will cut out the middle man, and give you a chance to measure engagement, reactions and develop your offer further first-hand.

Be wary of: Who you hire to manage your online accounts.

Handling social media is as tough and risky for the company as it is rewarding. So choose your staff very, VERY carefully.

5. Team up with influencers

In the 1940s, actress Betty Furness became a spokeswoman for Westinghouse appliances. Not only did her popularity rise steadily for 11 years, so did the brand’s. And that one thing hasn’t changed for nearly eighty years. Only nowadays, influencers are “where it’s at” — young men and women with massive followings on social media, whose advice goes way beyond any word of mouth. Establishing a good relationship with an influencer whose tone and style can represent your brand naturally, without sounding too “salesy” could be the key move to successfully appeal to the millennial market.

Be wary of: Making it look forced.

Sending sample products or services for an honest review by the influencer will do you much more good than paying them to read from a prompter. Remember, millennials see right through these pitches, and will only steer them away from your brand.

What’s the takeaway?

Millennials are not the boogeyman, nor the impending corporate apocalypse. The rise of the Internet and social media has made them consume smarter, and more efficiently. They’re cruel judges — they know what they like and dislike, and they’re unafraid to speak their minds. But they’re not unwavering. Millennials value honesty, transparency, and any brand that puts their consumers first, not just on paper, but in practice as well. And once you gain their favor, they’re yours for life.

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