Biz Tips: 5 Ways to Get Feedback That Will Grow Your Business

Biz Tips: 5 Ways to Get Feedback That Will Grow Your Business

Biz Tip:

5 Ways to Get Feedback That Will Grow Your Business

As a business, it’s essential to invest in analytics solutions and other reporting tools to get information about your marketing campaigns, user behavior, and other key metrics.

You need to measure your activities to leverage what’s working and to change what isn’t. One powerful way to get insights is to get it directly from your customers themselves i.e. by getting feedback.

Gathering feedback from your customers needs to be a key activity in your business. It’s important to embed customer feedback mechanisms into your marketing and business activities as a frequent activity.

Getting customer feedback creates important benefits for your business, leading to its growth. Let’s explore ways that you can leverage feedback to improve your business’s functioning.

Ask for Feedback at Key Touchpoints

Building a positive customer experience relies on creating great customer interactions. Your customer’s journey takes place across several touchpoints where each interaction needs to meet users’ needs effectively.

It’s not possible to create a great customer experience unless you understand how each touchpoint impacts your customers.

By setting up feedback mechanisms after key events and interactions, you can get insightful real-time data. This data will help you get live information that will help you step up your services.

There are several touchpoints where you need to set up customer feedback mechanisms:

  • After making a purchase
  • At the conclusion of a webinar
  • After your customer has interacted with a support staff
  • When the user is about to leave a website

Create positive experiences at touchpoints to build great customer experience. Create pop-up, survey, and feedback forms to collect user’s feedback and to improve these key touchpoints. It’s also important to use CRM tools to create a 360-degree view of your customer so that you can cater to them in a personalized way.

Get Product Reviews and Ratings

Customers rely on product reviews and ratings as part of their research when buying a product. People trust online product reviews 12x more than they do product descriptions and sales copy that’s written by manufacturers.

Asking your users to leave a rating and review after purchasing your product helps other potential customers.

First, it shows that people are buying from you and that your company is authentic. Second, it gives your audience helpful information about the product.

Create prompts and send drip-emails that are triggered after a purchase. You’ll get insights that are fresh and also help your audience in their product research.

Leverage Social Media

Customer feedback shared through social media or on social media can be used to great effect.

Social media listening and sentimental analysis tools will help you track brand mentions online. You can also follow specific hashtags and understand what people are saying about your business.

A social media listening platform

Observing and getting data from your audience’s social media activities will enable you to get useful feedback. You’ll find ideas, identify problems, and spot positive reviews.

One way to manage feedback on social media is to create a separate profile for support. Users can direct their queries and problems to this profile where they’ll get immediate responses.

A brand with a social media page only for support

Create Social Proof

Building social proof is a key activity to create trust quickly. It is especially useful for e-Commerce sites as social proof notifications can increase conversion rates. Making social proof as part of your marketing and content creation strategy is a shortcut to building trust.

While monitoring brand mentions and other content on social media, look for customer reviews and positive experiences. User-generated content such as images, videos, and blog posts mentioning your brand can be leveraged for your business.

Add user content and reviews as testimonials on your site. You can also share user-generated content on social media to showcase your product’s use in people’s lives.

Doing this shows people that you are listening to your customers. It also builds trust as your audience will trust peer recommendations more than brand-created content.

Generate Ideas

Your audience interacts with your product and company to solve a problem or meet their needs. Your customers are the best source of ideas and feedback for new products and features.

Brands like Lego and Starbucks encourage their customer base to share their ideas on dedicated forums. This creates a feeling of community and builds deeper involvement between the brands and their audience.

Build a membership site for your user base to have focused discussions and to submit their ideas. You’ll have a great source of innovative ideas and will also boost loyalty to your brand.

Grow your Business with Customer Feedback

A business can only grow when it measures the impacts of its activities. Using analytics and other measurement tools gives you insights about user behavior, conversion rates, and more.

When you get clear information about the impact of your marketing activities, you’re in a position to scale up what’s successful and to change what isn’t working.

Getting customer feedback is essential for any business to make improvements. It’s a relatively easy and inexpensive way to reach out to your customers and get relevant feedback.

All you need is a tool like a survey or a form tool and you can send requests for feedback through email and social media.

We’ve looked ay several ways that feedback can benefit your business. Use the tips mentioned here and grow your business with real insights.

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