Biz Tips: 5 ways to avoid writing content that will never be read by anyone

Biz Tips: 5 ways to avoid writing content that will never be read by anyone


5 ways to avoid writing content that will never be read by anyone

Finding original, engaging and inspiring content in this day and age has become a losing battle — a dive into obscurity.

The unadulterated reality is that the internet is flooded with the worst kind of writing and only a few hundreds living up to the standards of quality writing and engagement.

Stumbling across low-value, uninspired, thrown-together content has become an everyday enigma.

What many fail to understand is that publishing unengaging and poor quality content is detrimental in achieving your marketing goals.

Today’s market is made up of shrewd and knowledgeable viewers, well versed in differentiating content with substance, from shallow and unengaging content that has nothing offer.

This savvier multitude has a short attention span and zero tolerance for content that fails to address their questions, needs or demands.

So, how do you write content that gains traction? How do you guarantee that your content reaches masses and does not fall prey to the snares of the unnoticed barrage of articles out there?

1. In-depth research

When approaching a topic idea, in-depth research is the first and foremost step in creating quality and engaging content. Here you need to be exhaustive in your research.

Conduct in-depth analysis to vet whether your topic idea is viable for content creation and if your analysis finds the topic crowded, then pursuing it for your blog post is ill-advised. However, if your inquiry unveils that the articles available on the topic are out of date or are poor in quality, this, on the other hand, shows that the topic presents a gap in the market, an excellent opportunity that is worth pursuing.

If the market is crowded try thinking outside the box. For example, if the content currently available is deep, then go broad. If it’s broad, then dig-in and go deep. Approach your desired niche topic from a new or fresh perspective.

2. Topic conceptualization

Every topic idea in creating a blog post needs to come from people’s areas of interest or the way they perform inquiries on the search engines.

The more your blog post is synonymous or relevant to what people are searching for in a particular niche or genre, the more traction it is likely to gain. Therefore, try coming up with content ideas from places where people pose questions they want to be answered.

A good example being Quora, a question and answer website where people seek to find answers to problems or issues they are faced with.

3. Focus on creating content-rich blog posts

Creating quality and content-rich blog posts is one of the most crucial steps in building up an outstanding blog. Great content goes above and beyond in bringing value to your audience.

It should be informative, practical and entertaining. Offering a unique perspective in a detailed procession that is easy to follow and reliable in the information it avails. Stellar content is gold, and your audience will be more than just appreciative.

4. Post quality over quantity

Long gone is the era, where posting countless articles on every conceivable topic or keyword grew your web presence on search engines.

Following Google’s intuitive innovations, this marketing technique has long been put to rest, and now it’s often better to publish few great masterpieces of content rather than focusing on quantity.

Google rankings reflect on the quality of content. Their large scale algorithmic software updates are designed to analyze and interpret the quality of textual content and reflect that in the search engine results.

Don’t cut corners, go the whole mile, do research, analyze all relevant data, cite your sources and incorporate it all in your blog post to make it significant and informative. Write better, write for value, and don’t fall prey to the pitfalls of choosing quantity first.

5. Social networking and promotion

There’s more to building up your online presence and market dominance than using ordinary conventional tools.

Sharing is great, but promotions go the extra mile. Reach out to other bloggers and network with them, show them your content and you might get featured on their websites for your exemplary work.

Find people inquiring about a topic in your niche and share content on the subject with them. Not every piece is going to blow up big time or get featured in Google’s first page results, but every high quality, content-rich, and engaging article in your quiver is a potential home run.

With perseverance, dedication, as well as practicing shrewd social networking and promotion techniques, you’ll find an amicable level of exposure in no time and gradually grow your dominance.

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