Biz Tips: 5 Trustworthy Product Review Websites for 2020

Biz Tips: 5 Trustworthy Product Review Websites for 2020

Biz Tip:

5 Trustworthy Product Review Websites for 2020

Product review is one of the effective marketing strategies. They give credibility to a brand and what it promotes. Potential consumers see product reviews as testimonials of something they haven’t experienced but have the interest to experience your brand—whether you are offering a service or a product.

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Think of product reviews as a friend recommendation. Potential consumers see these reviews as a testament that your brands offer great quality and a validation that it was worth the price. When a friend or a family recommends you a product or a service, you trust their judgment and check out the brand. Product reviews work like that. It builds your potential consumers’ trust. It’s an indirect way of saying to them: “We know you don’t know me yet. Let someone who knows me explain it to you.” Product reviews don’t place the spotlight on the brand, rather it places it on people who experienced it.

That’s why you should consider it as an important part of your digital marketing strategy. Good thing, there are product review websites that can help you build your credibility as a brand, with people willing to get to know your brand and talk about it.

So, to help you out find the best product review websites to suit your lifecycle marketing strategy, I have listed down websites or platforms that can give you detailed reviews and experience feedback.


Swagbucks is a website where people can get paid for doing online reviews. There are two ways of doing it their site: users can make money to review products by answering a survey or signing up to test the products of a particular brand. Users can also earn extra cash by simply surfing a website, shopping on an e-commerce store, watching different videos, and even playing games online.

As a marketer, you can use this platform to get people to test and review your products that will help potential consumers to understand your brand.


Another product review site that pays, blogExpose is a site that gathers bloggers to apply and get a chance to do sponsored posts. Bloggers will have the opportunity to negotiate with a brand on how much a sponsored post or a review should cost them. The pricing usually depends on how big the audience of a specific blogger. It is a good site to find the right blogger on different tiers if you want to be more strategic in your influencer marketing.


GetReviewed.Org has one of the detailed features when it comes to product review websites. It offers genuine reviews from independent bloggers that build of credibility because of their honest and detailed product reviews—describing all the Pros and Cons of the product or service getting paid for their writing, based on testing of the product. Potential consumers will read the product review and will see a detailed description of the product, instructions on how to use it, and user experience feedback of the blogger. Brands can create a product review campaign and get suggestions from bloggers ready to review their product or services. It gives advertisers a more holistic approach to product reviews.

Sponsored Reviews:

If you are a blogger, a macro blogger or microblogger, but wants to earn extra cash, is another product review sites that pay, a platform you might want to consider. It works like this: create and post a sponsored post and you can choose advertisers that you personally want to endorse. Bloggers can get paid by PayPal every two weeks.


Based in the UK but open for the international audience, Ciao is one of the product review sites that pay bloggers and content creators. Creators can get paid by their product reviews listed on their website. The pay is measured by how much traffic the content or the product review generates. It has low payout requirements of five pounds or $6-$7, cheaper compared to its competitor.

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