Biz Tips: 5 Tips to Boost Your SEO with Amazing Video Marketing

Biz Tips: 5 Tips to Boost Your SEO with Amazing Video Marketing


5 Tips to Boost Your SEO with Amazing Video Marketing

There is no denying that video is a big deal in the modern online marketplace, as the digital audience is increasingly migrating from lengthy written content and consuming engaging visual content instead. So much so, in fact, that it’s estimated that some 80% of global Internet consumption will be video content by the end of 2019. Try to put that in perspective in order to realize the immense potential video marketing has for the long-term growth and success of your business.

Along with better online engagement in general, it’s important to note that video marketing has the power to improve your SEO and help your brand rank higher in the digital world. Let’s break down the five tips that will allow you to harness the power of video marketing and effectuate the digital strategy that will appeal to search engines and online audiences alike.

Tend to the SEO basics first

First things first, it’s important to understand the basics of video optimization for SEO purposes. In other words, to understand the basic pillars that make a great search engine-friendly video, aside from the stellar content and high production value inside. To optimize a video for Google, YouTube and Vimeo, and build a strong brand identity in the process, tend to the following:

  • Write engaging, optimized titles. You know the deal, a title needs to be optimized with specific keywords to rank high in the SERPs, and it also needs to be clickable — same as with any other type of content.
  • Pay attention to video tags. Video tags are important, they help rank your video content higher according to the things people would search for. Let your first tag mirror your title, and then start picking out words from the title to create smaller relevant tags. Don’t be modest either, but fill the video with as many relevant tags as possible to boost visibility.
  • Create a well-optimized, engaging video description. Full-length, optimized descriptions are a must nowadays. Along with in-depth information for the viewer, be sure to add relevant keywords throughout as well.
  • Upload a transcript or use closed captions. Captions matter, people want to see them on a video, and search engines will prioritize videos that offer more information, better quality, and are more valuable to the viewer — use them to your advantage.

Implement relevant keywords into your video strategy

Keyword research and implementation is all about making your brand visible to a specific type of audience, your niche demographic. What this means for you is that you should not only discover general industry keywords and rank high for those specific terms, but that you should also discover the niche keywords that will help you surpass your competitors and position your videos higher.

Remember, people are searching for specific things, so you need to be specific with your keywords as well. Once you have discovered your exact demographic, you can tend to meticulous keyword research and start implementing them into your videos. Like we’ve mentioned before, make sure these keywords find their way into your video title, description, and tags for maximum effect.

Produce the most appealing content

Of course, none of the above or the latter will help you achieve the results you’re after if the quality of your video content is at least not up to par with the most successful content on the web. As with written content, videos must be in-depth, informative, engaging, and most importantly, they need to boast a unique branded identity people will immediately recognize. This is something that Australian business leaders have begun implementing in recent years with great success, so take note.

In the Land of Oz, video marketing is all the rage, especially in highly-competitive regions such as the country’s biggest metropolises. This is why professional video production in Sydney has become an essential part of digital marketing, as there is a need for brands to create amazing all-around video content that they can easily share across the digital world — content that Google will deem worthy of the top spot in the SERPs.

However, keep in mind that Google caters to the audience, much like yourself, so it will be the overall shareability of your video content that will define your success. With that in mind, make sure to produce high-quality videos on a regular basis that will appeal to your demographic and improve engagement and shareability.

Encourage engagement on social media

Speaking of sharing your content, keep in mind that social media is the most powerful mass media tool at your disposal. It is absolutely essential that your video content is optimized for every relevant social media platform in order to boost engagement and inspire your viewers to hit that share button. To achieve this, you will not only need to produce quality videos and use evergreen marketing tactics, but also tend to social media marketing in the form of sponsored ads, and use strategic CTAs in your descriptions to get the desired reaction.

Optimize for seamless mobile viewing

Finally, understand that the online audiences are increasingly consuming content via mobile devices. Nowadays, Google is putting high emphasis on mobile optimization, and that means that your videos should not only play on every handheld device, but that they should be seamlessly integrated into your AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to boot, in order to make mobile browsing a breeze. Couple website mobile optimization with regular social media and video platform management, and you have yourself a recipe for long-term success in the digital realm.

Final thoughts

Video marketing is quickly becoming the most powerful marketing tactic, one that will dominate the Web in the years to come. Use these tips to build a strong video marketing strategy and quickly put some distance between you and your top competitors.

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