Biz Tips: 5 Tips for Gaining Control of Your Digital Assets

Biz Tips: 5 Tips for Gaining Control of Your Digital Assets


5 Tips for Gaining Control of Your Digital Assets

By Alok Shah

Whether you work for a large Fortune 500 company or a small local one, you are probably well aware of the power images and videos hold on your website and in all customer and prospect interactions. Stats don’t lie. Including video on landing pages has proven to increase conversion rates by 80 percent, while 67 percent of consumers say product images play a very important role in their purchasing decisions on eCommerce sites.

Demand for digital media on websites will continue to soar. Cisco projects that in the U.S. alone, online videos will account for 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. Beyond videos, marketers are increasingly using other types of media assets like images, infographics and GIFs to make their content more engaging.

While the strategy of leveraging more images and videos to support your business is a no-brainer, executing on it can prove exponentially more complex. Managing digital assets can be time consuming, particularly if it’s not your core expertise. Not only do you have to keep track of your assets, you also need to create multiple formats and sizes to address the types of devices — smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops — consumers use, and understand how images and video are displayed on these devices and how available bandwidth can impact delivery.

To prevent your company from it reaping the full benefits of leveraging images and videos, consider these tips:

1. Get Organized — Categorize you digital assets in logical buckets. You can organize them by file type, project type or another means that fits your company’s unique operational structure.

2. Search and Discover — Leverage a digital asset management solution that makes it easy to find files. Besides being able to match search keywords to the title of the file, you’ll want to match metadata to return more relevant results. Details included in the metadata — file type, the resolution, DPI, GPS location of the image, the name of the photographer, copyright information and more — can help better identify assets and streamline the search process. Also consider use of filters to further refine and speed search capabilities by creation date, date last modified, file size and other factors.

3. Maintain (Access) Control — Your company’s images and videos may be some of its most valuable assets, so you’ll want to control users ability to access and change them. Administrators should be able to define permissions for users and assets, including access to specific folders and files. You may also want to be even more granular than that, selectively granting access with different read, write and delete permissions for various individuals or groups.

4. Optimize Delivery of Assets — To ensure the best user experience with your website or app, you’ll want to make sure that you can deliver the best quality digital asset as fast as possible. This is tricky considering the various devices, view ports, bandwidth and other unique characteristics each visitor may bring to the equation. Consider solutions that enable you adapt media on-the-fly, taking into account users network connectivity, to deliver images and videos optimally to every visitor.

5. Analyze and Track — Make sure your digital assets are having the right impact. Monitor engagement statistics, such as the number of views, downloads and shares, as well as performance data like bandwidth usage and error monitoring.

By taking the right steps and putting the right tools in place, you can avoid being overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of images and videos you need to manage, and instead enhance your productivity and improve your company’s user experience — and ultimately see a boost in customer engagement and conversion rates.

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