Biz Tips: 5 things to check if your site’s traffic dropped for no reason

Biz Tips: 5 things to check if your site’s traffic dropped for no reason


5 things to check if your site’s traffic dropped for no reason

Google might not like you.

1. Manual search engine penalty

Every article writer understands that content is key to the general success of a website. If your content is thin or duplicate, you may end up hurting your website by losing traffic.

Thin content can be very little content posted on the website, content that is way below what is required by Google or it can be content that lacks originality.

Thin content can also be generated when writers come up with lengthy content but the main ideas are very few. On the other hand, duplicate content occurs when a person posts content or information on their website, but this information is similar or almost similar to the content that has been posted on another site before.

Duplicate content can also occur when a company or individual decides to open two URLs but host similar websites with an objective of driving more traffic but ends up sharing related content on both sites, then this will amount to duplicate content.

Google does not prefer thin content because it lacks value, and other websites will rank higher on Google if they’re better quality compared to yours. This penalty by Google hurts your search engine optimization and consequently your website traffic.

When it comes to duplicate content, the penalty is even harsher. In case Google finds out that your website has duplicate content, the ranking of your site will drop, and when potential customers search for your kind of business on search engines, you may not appear on the first page of Google, and this guarantees a traffic nosedive for your website.

The penalty for duplicate content is considered harsh because even if you decide to remove the duplicate content, Google will not automatically lift the penalty. Lost website traffic can be a pain in the ass especially for a person who has invested a lot of energy and time to get traffic flowing to their site.

2. Valuable backlinks lost

These are links between websites. Backlinks help drive traffic from other sites. They are known to show the popularity level of a website, and every time a website links to your site through a backlink, it proves that other sites consider yours worth sharing with their readers.

When Google finds that a website has multiple links pointing to it, it assumes that the site generates quality content and it ranks it higher. This higher ranking leads to relatively increased traffic for the website.

When you have quality links pointing to your site, it goes without saying that you are set to get traffic from those websites.

When these quality backlinks are lost or broken, you will end up losing traffic to your website because the link’s destination is no longer your site, and if a person clicks on the link, it may show an error.

Also, when valuable links are lost, Google will no longer be able to find out if your site has quality content, and your ranking may drop which could generally lead to traffic loss.

3. Competitors and SERP changes

On the internet, various factors could influence how a competitor can end up taking away your organic traffic.

If a competitor seems to be using many keywords you had initially been using, then you should take alternative keywords that are going to provide a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Competition can also be handled by going local in your niche if a lot of the competition is international. This is a sure way of ensuring that you focus on a narrow target. Catering to different demography from your competitors will help you regain most of the traffic that you would have lost.

The sure way of beating your competitors is working on your content. Having regular content posted on your website makes your site more attractive to search engines. Content that is of high quality will go viral and will receive a lot of sharing and clicks from your readers which will in turn increase backlinks leading to your website. These backlinks could be an advantage over your competitors due to the increased traffic and Google ranking.

4. Google’s algorithm update

Niche specified updates by Google may not be readily provided, and this might end up affecting your website negatively. If you notice a loss in traffic after an update on Google, you will be required to investigate, most preferably by checking out SERPs to ensure that your keywords are in order.

Google may decide to make updates so that internet users can quickly search and find websites that contain high-quality content, these updates are a nightmare to many writers, and they can be mitigated in various ways. For example, you can use SERPs to audit your site and find out which of your keywords are not working to the improvement of your website.

If you follow Google instructions and provide quality content and ensure that users enjoy their experience, then Google will undoubtedly improve the ranking of your site.

5. Significant changes to your site

Website redesign, migration or deletion of content may significantly affect your website’s search engine optimization which can in turn negatively impact traffic to your site.

Content deletion may lead to broken links that that could generally lead to traffic loss. When you redesign your website, and you do not cater to their 301 redirects, the old pages of the site before the redesign will not be well linked, and this will lead to a drop in rankings.

If you are going to perform a site redesign, make sure that you are prepared to warrant that all the pages on your websites are correctly structured and linked to create a smooth flow throughout the website.

You should also make sure that the site has enough links and linked to pages, so Google considers it to be of high value. High-value pages can rank higher, therefore, increasing your website traffic and regaining lost site traffic.

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