Biz Tips: 5-minute guide to get more leads and traffic without spending a fortune

Biz Tips: 5-minute guide to get more leads and traffic without spending a fortune


5-minute guide to get more leads and traffic without spending a fortune

The market today is flooded with countless brands and businesses. In such chaos, generating leads without spending a fortune can be tough.

1. Automate the marketing process

Flourishing technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the success of any business, new or old.

Marketing automation helps reduce manual efforts in processes like Customer Segmentation, Customer Data Integration and Campaign Management.

Some advantages of automation are:

2. Grow your email subscribers list

It’s evident for any new business to expect a rapid increase in the number of audience for its content and offerings.

All it takes to grow your audience is more in-depth understanding of the wonders of technology.

An email list consists of the following:

  • Existing customers.
  • Interested customers.
  • Customers ready to buy your services/products.
  • All the product promotions, events, and services are thus done through this priority list of customers.
  • A simple and effective way to spread a word about your business to a broader audience.

3. Start blogging

Blogging forms an integral part of any business development.

It is not only a lead generating machine but also plays a significant role in lending authority to the blogger company midst its rival firms.

It has been noticed that companies that promote themselves through blogging receive ~97% more links to their website.

Here are some tips for better lead generation:

  • Add a call-to-action bar. It always helps to take your readers to the mentioned page. Add Hello Bar to your arsenal to drive traffic towards landing pages and squeeze pages.
  • Use a keyword planner. Google trends, Google searches, and suggestions to appear amongst the priority links.
  • Include exclusive content to lure readers. Discounts are always the best way to attract customers. Flash perks and offers on your page to captivate readers’ attention to buy your services and products.
  • Shorten the blog summaries and make them downloadable by your readers in exchange for their email addresses.

4. Start a YouTube channel

YouTube serves as a medium for conversational promotion of your services with your audience.

These are a few tips to generate leads for free through videos on YouTube:

  • YouTube cards. A YouTube card helps increase interactivity with your audience. Add a call-to-action link to your videos.
  • Promotion of landing pages with end screens. The feature of end screen comes with just one limitation; the video uploaded must be at least 20 seconds long. It serves to flash your next video in line automatically.
  • Connect with your leads through search engines. It’s essential to fall upon the first page of the results when a service like yours is searched in a search engine. Discoverability plays a significant part in being accessed by online traffic. Include more extended descriptions of your video with primary keywords to easily be discovered online.

5. Guest blogging opportunities

The strategy for guest blogging to generate new leads is quite simple.

It includes seeking an opportunity to post your article on an authoritative site of your field of business, in exchange for your link on their page. It’s like building your backlink profile.

Along with new leads, crowd fabrication and memberships are added advantages of guest blogging in the contemporary platform.

6. Contribute to forums

Relevant advertisements posted on niche forum are one of the most effective ways to generate free leads.

Forum participation is considered immensely beneficial due to the following advantages:

  • It helps to gain a great deal of authority and domination for your firm by further giving you a chance to show your competence and knack.
  • Finding new connections or old ones in the same field of business.
  • It helps to join ventures to find new investments and gain mutual benefits.
  • Creates brand awareness. It is crucial to a company that it acquires name and focus in the market.
  • Contributing the right and targeted advertisements to big forums do the needful thereby lending your brand a value midst its competing titles.

7. Use Twitter’s advanced search query

Twitter is known to provide essential resources to help new and old business in lead generation. Every company seeks a way or another to get almost free leads for its flourishing. Twitter’s primary search bar serves the options of finding hashtags, businesses, other users, etc.

Advance search queries help you know who are discussing your company or products or brand or competition. Discounts, promotions, entertainment are few necessary things that a user must be able to see on your page. It’s vital and advised to engage with the users in an amicable tone.

8. Respond to comments on social media

Interaction with your audience is a secure method of lead generation. It is a way of staying in the good books of the customers or the users seeking or considering your services.

A post on your page or other forum or any different social media profile is bound to receive comments. It is mandatory to converse with the users.

Important points to note with regards to the response on social media are:

Follow-ups are important as lead generation suffers if at least five follow-ups are not carried out. It has been seen that sales representatives usually give up their efforts after one follow-up itself. Whereas 80% of businesses call for at least five follow-ups for getting the leads for free.

Predictive lead scoring has been found to raise the conversions by 79%.

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. An instant response is bound to yield as much as 38% of increased rate of sales. Fast response is important.

Setting up a new business and taking it further towards new heights is a huge responsibility. A little bit of an extra or less effort can lead to rising or fall of the business in no time.

Success depends entirely on the users of the company. The above-stated aspects are an effort to lend you a furtive glance towards understanding your customers or future customers.

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