Biz Tips: 5 Marketing Trends that you can use in 2018.

Biz Tips: 5 Marketing Trends that you can use in 2018.


5 Marketing Trends that you can use in 2018.


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Every year the trends change and if you are a marketer you need to update yourself with latest ones.

Last year some other marketing trends where ruling the industry but as we know that change is the only constant, this year some other trends have taken the seats.

So here is the list 5 Marketing Trends which are going to rule this year.

5 Marketing Trends that you can use in 2018.


Storytelling is not a new concept but an old one that has started to rule the industry in the past few years. Storytelling was trending last year and this year even it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

Benefits of Storytelling –

  1. Creates a brand awareness.
  2. Gives your brand a voice.
  3. Creates an emotional bond with customers.
  4. People start to relate themselves with your story.
  5. Best way to convey your mission.

Video marketing

YouTube is growing every day and so is the Video Marketing. YouTube has already become the second most favorite place to search after Google. People love to watch their solutions than just reading about it. Every marketer is crushing on Video Marketing and the best part is it still has lower competition than simple blogging.

Benefits of Video Marketing-

  1. Improves sales and conversions.
  2. People like visual stuff than simple text-based.
  3. Improves social shares.
  4. More ROI on ads.


AI has already started to enter the Marketing niche in different forms but the form that has influenced the most are chatbots. They have also become the new trend in the field of communications. Chatbots are reliable and are the best way to give your customers full-time assistance.

Benefits of Chatbots-

  1. Be there when your customers need it. A 24×7 assistant for your customers.
  2. Increases customer engagement.
  3. Monitor and analyze what your customers seek the most.
  4. Cheaper than hiring full-time employees.

Live Streaming

Are you using Live Streaming?

Live Streaming is not a too old marketing method but a new one that has started to grow and trending in the industry. Many big brands and marketer are using Live Streaming as their most powerful marketing weapon. Live Streaming gives higher ROI than any other marketing method.

“Sharing live video broadcasts can help you connect with your prospects and community in a whole new way, making your brand more real, more relatable and more accessible.”- Kim Garst

Benefits of Live Streaming-

  1. Cheaper than other marketing methods.
  2. Real-time engagement.
  3. It doesn’t need expertise but just someone who knows to talk in front of the camera.
  4. Better interaction with customers.

Influencer Marketing

Last but not the least, influencer marketing.

Influencers are everywhere, every niche has it’s own group of influencers. When you wish to create a brand awareness then influencer marketing is the best way to do it. People trust influencers and are 40% more likely to buy from you if they hear about you from an influencer.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing-

  1. You build a trustworthy reputation easily.
  2. Reach to a targeted audience.
  3. Increases conversion rates.
  4. Creates a brand reputation.

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