Biz Tips: 5 Instagram Cross-Promotion Examples You Can Draw Inspiration From

Biz Tips: 5 Instagram Cross-Promotion Examples You Can Draw Inspiration From

Biz Tip:

5 Instagram Cross-Promotion Examples You Can Draw Inspiration From

When it comes to your Instagram to-do list, cross-promotion should be near the top. You’re doing great things on Instagram—don’t keep it a secret any longer! Promote your Instagram in email, on YouTube, and via other channels so that you can capture any fans that may be missing out.

Cross-promoting your Instagram is a marketing tactic that can produce real, tangible results. Knowing that, be smart and strategic about how you do it. Keep reading to learn why this strategy is so important, see five real-world examples in action, and get a handful of ideas on how the strategy can work for you.

Why Should You Cross-Promote Your Instagram?

Cross-promotion is a key part of integrating your social media strategy across all of your marketing platforms. You want to connect with as many potential customers in as many ways as possible, right? To do that, you need to make sure your fans know where to connect and engage with your brand. Cross-promoting does exactly that!

For example, you may have a YouTube page with 1,000 fans who love to watch your in-depth videos. But, those people might also be interested in seeing the quick snippets you post on Instagram. If you let those YouTube fans know about your Instagram and they end up following you, you’ll create 1,000 new touchpoints with potential customers! More followers, likes, and engagement on your Instagram translates into better results for your brand.

Before you start to cross-promote, make sure your Instagram is optimized and ready to shine. Your new followers are likely to appreciate your brand much more and eagerly engage with your content if it’s set up properly. Check these two boxes first:

  • Make your account a business account. By doing this, you’ll have access to certain features that make your account more friendly for consumers, and you’ll get access to Instagram analytics.
  • Optimize your bio. Your bio is often the first thing new followers see. Optimizing it means adding a great image and including a link, but you can go beyond that with even more Instagram bio ideas.

5 Instagram Cross-Promotion Examples

There are a number of ways to cross-promote your Instagram and increase engagement. Not every option works for every business, though. Take a look at these five examples, and start thinking about which ones make the most sense for your brand and your audience.

1. Cross-Promote Your Instagram Through Email

If you’re already communicating with your audience through email marketing, that’s a logical place to start cross-promoting your Instagram.

For a subtle way of cross-promoting, simply add an Instagram icon in your email’s footer that links users to your feed. National Geographic, along with many other big-name companies, use this strategy so often that consumers now know to scroll to the bottom of the email to find the social icons.

nat geo promoting their social media in their email footer

Another low-key, yet effective, way to promote your Instagram through your email is to add an IG icon and link in your personal email signature. This is especially helpful if your company is a small business and you frequently communicate with customers through your personal email instead of a company customer service account.

static promoting their instagram in their email signature

For a more straightforward promotion strategy, share your brand’s Instagram content directly through your email marketing. Data analysis has found that using Instagram content in emails, especially user-generated content, can dramatically increase open rates and conversion rates. The Denmark-born footwear company Duckfeet uses this strategy often in their email marketing.

Duckfeet promoting their instagram handle in their email

Starting a contest or hashtag challenge through an e-newsletter is another smart way to cross-promote your Instagram. Consider what kind of topic would be engaging enough to get your email subscribers to click over to your Instagram feed. To get the best results, make it clever and catchy. A few weeks after launching your contest or challenge, send a follow-up email with the user-generated content you’ve gotten so far. This will inspire even more fans to follow you on Instagram.

The Magic House, a children’s museum, used this strategy in December 2020. The popular children’s attraction was still closed due to the pandemic, but wanted to continue building and nurturing their Instagram community.

The Magic House cross-promoting their Instagram in their email

2. Cross-Promote Your Instagram On YouTube

For brands that start out on YouTube, getting your followers to come over to Instagram can be tricky. Here are a few simple strategies that work.

First, always use the video description text to your advantage. Along with explaining the video content and promoting your brand, include an obvious link to your Instagram.

After just one year on the platform, Cakes by MK has nearly 78k YouTube subscribers and she’s been able to get more than 4,000 to follow her on Instagram, too.

Cakes by MK promoting her instagram handle in the her youtube video description

You should be promoting your Instagram during your YouTube videos, too. This can be as easy as adding a graphic with your Instagram handle to the very end of each video. Fitness influencer Kathryn Mueller uses this strategy in her videos.

kathryn mueller promoting her instagram handle at the end of her youtube video

Another way to cross-promote is to directly ask your YouTube subscribers to check out your Instagram feed. This is best suited for small brands and it can be done in two ways. First, you can mention it casually, as in a personal stylist saying “I posted a photo of the outfit I wore yesterday on my Instagram stories. Head over to [IG handle] to see the latest pics!” You can also set up a contest or special campaign on Instagram and directly invite your YouTube subscribers to find you on the platform and check it out.

3. Cross-Promote Your Instagram On Your Website

Potential customers may find your website through a Google search, but chances are, they’ll want to see the social side of your brand, too. Make it easy for your audience to jump over to your Instagram feed.

A great way to showcase your Instagram on your website is to embed your feed somewhere on your website. Mason-Mayes, a boutique clothing shop, has their feed running across the bottom of their site. Each image goes directly to its Instagram post.

Mason Mayes cross-promoting their Instagram on their website

Embedding your Instagram feed on your website is a relatively easy process. You’ll just need to get the HTML code and paste it into the backend of your website. Depending on your website builder, you may be able to get a widget that will add your IG feed to your site. LightWidget, SnapWidget, and Smash Balloon are just a few examples.

If you’re on Squarespace, the process is built into their website design tools. Just look for adding an “Instagram Block” to any of your pages.

Rothy’s, an eco-friendly shoe company, has their Instagram feed seamlessly embedded on their site. And, customers can shop directly from the posts.

Rothy's instagram embedded on their website

Luxury cruise operator Hapag-Lloyd Cruises goes all-in with their Instagram grid feed on their homepage.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Instagram grid on their website

Of course, don’t forget about adding an Instagram icon and link in the header or the footer of your website. Jen O’Brien’s City Farmhouse site cleverly places social icons at the top. They stay out of the way, but they’re right there for users who want to transition over to social platforms.

City Farmhouse cross-promoting their Instagram at the top of their website

4. Cross-Promote Your Instagram On Facebook

Cross-promoting your Instagram on Facebook is another great way to boost your engagement on the platform. Your Facebook followers will likely be very interested in seeing your brand’s Stories and Reels.

To get your Facebook followers to engage with your brand on Instagram, start with the basics: adding your IG information in your “About” section on Facebook.

You’ll also want to add an Instagram tab on your Facebook account. It’s easy to do this with an app called Woobox. When you install the app, users can find your IG feed via a drop-down menu on Facebook. Like you can see from West Elm’s Instagram feed on Facebook, users can easily click to follow you on Instagram.

West Elm's instagram feed on facebook

You can also link your Instagram account to your Facebook account. This will give you the option of sharing your Instagram posts directly to Facebook every time you post. Target used this strategy to maximize the impact of their recent Mother’s Day posts.

5. Cross-Promote Your Instagram on Pinterest

Cross-promoting on Pinterest is one of the best ways to grow your Instagram following because both platforms emphasize images. Users who are engaged with your Pinterest content will most likely be interested in your Instagram content, too.

Start by claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest. You’ll find this option under “Settings.” After you do this, any pins that are created from your IG posts will be attributed to your account and will redirect users to your post.

One way to drive traffic to your Instagram is to post images on Instagram first and then put that post on Pinterest. You can also download and post your IGTV videos and Stories on Pinterest. You may be surprised to see the kind of success your video content has on Pinterest. Stats show that Pinterest users watch nearly one billion videos a day on the platform.

For all three of these types of pins, you should use your Instagram post as the destination link.

Sephora is just one example of a company that has great Instagram content that can be shared on Pinterest.

Sephora Instagram post

Which Cross-Promotion Strategy Will Work Best For You?

Now that you know five ways to cross-promote your Instagram, which strategy do you think will be the most successful for your brand? Evaluate each of the options and consider which matches your overall brand strategy best.

Here’s one way to get started: Add Instagram icons to your website and your email signature. Then, pick one other platform to cross-promote on and start there. Set goals and track your results. With the right strategy, you’ll see your number of followers increase soon.

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