Biz Tips: 5 Holiday Video Marketing Ideas to Stay Connected from Afar

Biz Tips: 5 Holiday Video Marketing Ideas to Stay Connected from Afar

Biz Tip:

5 Holiday Video Marketing Ideas to Stay Connected from Afar

Video is the most engaging form of content, and with good reason. With more and more brands moving their business online, video continues to be instrumental in helping them stay relevant, and connected. What’s more, video levels the playing field for small businesses by providing visibility in the same space as larger brands.

As the holiday season approaches, video can help your business stay top of mind for your online audience.

Why Video?

Video helps small businesses reach customers wherever they are this holiday season, and do it without breaking the bank. Last year, Animoto’s research found video to be the #1 most helpful way consumers learned about a product when holiday shopping. In fact, 70% of millennials trust brands with videos about their products more than brands without videos. With video, prospective customers can check out your product or service from the comfort of their own home.

Why now?

This year, staying connected has been a challenge both professionally and personally. As brands and consumers, we’re more online than ever. Video has become more than marketing. It’s how consumer are communicating and sharing. It’s how brands are reminding viewers about their offerings.

As you gear up for this busy season, we know that you likely won’t have time to research the right videos or best practices on your own. That’s why we compiled a 2020 checklist to make video marketing fast and easy for you this holiday season.

1.Spark curiosity with a Sale Teaser

Share a teaser early on to encourage viewers to keep an eye out for your sale, or bookmark your product while they’re still planning their holiday shopping.

2. Drive purchases with a Seasonal Promo

Get the most out of promo video ads by including a clear call to action, and linking directly to your product or sale.

3. Be a resource with a Holiday How-to

Ensure your brand is a memorable part of the online shopping experience by sharing content consumers will save and come back to.

4. Stay top of mind with Day-of Reminders

Share a quick sale reminders on Stories, and link to an offer in your feed or directly to your website. Stories is a key platform for short, eye-catching content.

5. Humanize your brand with Holiday Greetings

Create a thriving online community by sharing more than your latest products and offers. Social holiday videos are a great way to stay connected to your customers throughout the season.

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