Biz Tips: 5 Highly Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog

Biz Tips: 5 Highly Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog

Biz Tip:

5 Highly Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog

Are you looking for effective ways to promote your blog? If so, you’re not alone.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience and eventually sell your product or service. We know this is true because 47% of consumers report reading 3-5 blog posts before placing an order on an eCommerce website.

Creating blog posts for your website is a good start. But you have to actively share your content if you want more people to discover your site.

Today, we hope to help you understand the importance of promoting your content. We will also share several tried and true strategies you can use to share your posts with the world.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Reach Out to Email Subscribers

When visitors subscribe to your email list, they are basically inviting you to send them more content. They like what they’ve read so far and want to see what else you have to offer.

You’ll have a better chance at getting subscribers to engage with your emails by segmenting your lead list. Simply put, segmenting is when you divide your audience based on their interests, preferences, and on-site behavior.

For instance, a company that sells clothing and fashion accessories would likely send relevant content to subscribers based on their recent purchases. So if someone bought 5 dresses from their site, they might want to send their new article “5 Fashion Trends for 2022 (Dress Edition)” to this segment of their audience.

Research shows that segmenting your leads can boost your open rate by 14.31%! If you’re not sure where to start, you could send your existing subscribers a survey or include optional questions on your signup form. Use this information to create segments that align with your customer personas, and you will see more engagement and

Repurpose Existing Content

Another way to generate more blog traffic is to repurpose your existing content. The current digital landscape gives business owners and marketing teams plenty of ways to repackage their blog posts.

Here are several strategies we use to repurpose our posts:

  • Use statistics and fun facts to create an infographic
  • Compile helpful content into a comprehensive online course
  • Develop targeted lead magnets, like written guides
  • Turn your top posts into highly engaging videos

All of the strategies above have their own set of benefits. For instance, if you turn your blog posts into videos, you can start a YouTube channel and tap into a brand new audience. Similarly, developing lead magnets from existing posts can help you grow your email lead list.

On average, 60% of marketers repurpose their content 2-5 times. We believe that this strategy is an effective way to get more eyes on your blog. You can maximize your results by including links to the original posts at the bottom of your repurposed piece of content.

Overhaul Old Posts

Next, let’s talk about overhauling your old articles. This strategy is different from our previous tip because you’re not creating a brand new piece of content. Instead, you’ll want to go through and improve your existing content.

If you’ve published content for the past 3 years, there’s a good chance your original posts are a bit outdated. For example, if you publish content about social media marketing, you may want to update your old posts and remove references to Google+ since it no longer exists.

These changes will make your content more timely, regardless of when a user discovers your brand. Imagine finding an article with a topic that perfectly describes your pain points. You click through and start reading. Suddenly, you noticed that all of the advice listed in the article is horribly outdated and, thus, not helpful.

Would you want to keep reading their articles? Odds are, the answer is no. Now, imagine the same scenario, but you find a relevant post that gives you actionable, current solutions to your problem. You would likely spend more time on the website and check out more of their content, right?

You can also use this opportunity to include new keywords or add inbound links to more recent posts. When you consider that 68% of online experiences start with a search engine, it’s easy to see how updating your old posts can help you build your audience and get more engagement.

Boost Your Best Work on Social Media

Did you know that 59% of people say they use social media for shopping inspiration? This shocking statistic is just one reason you should consider sharing your posts on various social media platforms.

You’ll obviously want to share your content on your profile. People who follow your brand because they like your product or service are also the people most likely to read your blog posts.

We also suggest boosting your popular posts to people who may be interested in what your business offers. Facebook is the platform of choice for promoting posts. When you look at the statistics, it’s not hard to see why this is the case.

On average, Facebook gets 2.74 billion visitors every month. There’s an excellent chance your target audience is spending time on this platform. You could create a boosted post that reaches people who don’t follow your account but show interest in your industry. Similarly, you can target people who visited your website but don’t follow you on social media.

Instagram is another social media site where boosting your posts can yield significant results. Research shows that a whopping 130 million people tap on sponsored posts through Instagram every month. You can use this to your advantage by creating sponsored blog posts for your various audience segments.

Look for Opportunities to Post Off-Site

Finally, you can promote your blog by posting helpful content on other websites. There are plenty of people who may be interested in your products or services, but they don’t know you exist. If you can meet them on other sites they visit, they may end up navigating back to your website to read your blog and eventually complete a purchase.

Guest posting on other publications can help you build your audience and make crucial connections throughout your industry. We suggest partnering with publications and businesses that publish content related to your niche. Ideally, your product or service should mesh with the partner company.

For example, an email marketing SaaS could benefit from partnering with a hosting company. People who buy a hosting plan for the first time likely need help with their marketing efforts, so this collaboration makes sense.

Websites like Quora and Reddit are full of people looking for information. You may want to look at topics centered around your niche and answer questions when you can. We like to include plenty of helpful resources from other sites, but we also share tutorials and guides from our company blogs.

If you’re able to provide crisp, helpful answers, you’ll likely see an influx of traffic as members from these groups check out your site.

Final Thoughts

Promoting your blog is a great way to skyrocket engagement, sales, and traffic. It’s worth noting that you likely won’t see a dramatic change in a week or two. Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to consistently share your posts and engage with your audience if you want to see long-term growth.

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