Biz Tips: 5 Experts Share Their Quora Marketing Success Tips

Biz Tips: 5 Experts Share Their Quora Marketing Success Tips

Biz Tip:

5 Experts Share Their Quora Marketing Success Tips

Founded in June 2009, Quora has grown as a platform where individuals and businesses provide value to others through questions and answers. According to the latest statistics from the co-founder, there are 200 million monthly users of this platform. Quora has grown tremendously and smart marketers can no longer ignore the trends.

Another advantage of Quora is the visibility it has on Google Search results. When Google users ask a question, relevant questions that have been asked on Quora stay at the top of the SERP.

For example, for the question, “what is your worst interview experience”, the first webpage on the SERP comes from Quora.

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Taking advantage of Quora

Content marketers have therefore realized the huge benefits and potentials of Quora as a marketing platform albeit with a priority of helping people and giving professional responses to people’s questions.

When crafting your digital marketing strategy, it is important to think of strategies you can implement to take full advantage of Quora.

In this article, we take a look at the experience of five companies that have successfully used Quora to generate traffic to their website, gain more visibility for their business brand and create lasting relationships with people in their industry.

They have decided to share tips and strategies that worked for them. Many of the strategies are common across board while some of them are unique to the company.

These 5 companies are:

  1. Hivergent, a blockchain technology company founded by Brian Schuster
  2. Wish Pond, landing page consultants
  3. Impact BND, Marketing, Sales, business and career consultants
  4. Smart Hustle, a platform for business owners and entrepreneurs
  5. Precision Marketing Group, Inbound marketing experts

Their businesses cut across different industries and their experiences vary in term of when they achieved it and the scope of their operations on Quora. But the tips and strategies they propose are similar. There is one unifying fact: it worked.

How Brian Schuster had 1 million views in a month

Brian Schuster started as a developer and data scientist. He embraced writing on Quora as a way to improve his writing skills and experience. He had little expectations when he started on Quora.

He had a little bit of success, thousands of views and some followers. But a meeting where he met with people interested in Blockchain and Ethereum changed the focus of his activities on Quora. He discovered that he had knowledge about Blockchain and Ethereum that most people do not.

He built a business around Blockchain technology (Hivergent) with a friend and focused his Quora answers and interactions on that platform.

In a particular month, he had 1 million views, 3500 upvotes and 23 shares. He became one of the top writers in cryptocurrency. The Quora success and awareness was important to build traffic for his website and improve his cryptocurrency business.

Brian Schuster shares some tips for Quora success.


  • Multiple posts per day will keep you on top of the Quora Algorithm and push your content far and wide
  • Focus only on a few topics of interest instead of being a generalist
  • Posting on a holiday can give you a great edge. Most people don’t post answers on holidays but people keep posting questions even on holiday. An answer Brian gave on Thanksgiving Day generated 20,000 views and 80+ upvotes in 24 hours.


  • Use section headings, bolded lines and pictures to make your posts readable
  • Focus on questions with low answer/follower ratio.

How Wish Pond got 13,470 Website page views from Quora in a month

Wish pond has an expertise in landing pages and everything lead generation. They regularly answer questions related to that topic. In a month, they got 23000+ views which translated to 13,470 website page views which were very helpful for their sales funnel.

Cara Tarbaj writing for Wish Pond shares some tips and strategies:


  • Ensure you have a link in your Quora answers that leads back to a related blog post to the question
  • But not every answer should link back to your business. Let the priority be to help people
  • Follow a few relevant topics in your niche that are related to your brand
  • Look out for questions that are at least 1 hour old with 0-5 answers
  • Look for the most popular recent questions
  • Look for questions with answers that are a week long with more than 1000 views


  • Let your answers be filled with useful examples and actionable strategies. Actionable strategies are very useful in content marketing.
  • Answer questions in a helpful way without sounding promotional
  • Use images and videos to make your post attractive and unique
  • Let your answers be personalized with personal pronouns

How Impact BND uses Quora for brand awareness

The Impact team had a marketing strategy to try out 40+ marketing experiments to achieve their marketing goals. Of all the experiments, Quora stood out. They achieved lots of success and wanted to help others unearth the mines of Quora Marketing

Carolyn Edgecomb, the talent manager shared some of these tips and strategies:


  • Use Quora to generate blog post ideas by following questions related to your niche
  • Use Quora to get insights from industry experts. Those insights will bring more relevance to your blog posts.
  • Create a topic around your brand to give your brand visibility
  • Ensure you keep tab of notifications of new questions
  • Optimize your profile description with relevant keywords and a link to your business


  • Focus on evergreen questions with more than 1000 views

How Smart Hustle use Quora to get clients, invitations for guest posts and build a profitable relationship

Smart Hustle has used Quora successfully. The nature of their success is different. They didn’t just get website visitors. Rather, they used the integrity and credibility on Quora to get direct customers, guest post opportunities and relationship with industry experts and enthusiasts.

Ashwin Satyanarayana shares some of those tips and strategies


  • When you have a good enough following, create a Quora blog and post regular updates that are relevant to people in your niche
  • Let the aim be to spread knowledge and not promotion
  • Keep an eye for interesting topics in your niche of interest


  • When answering questions, try to go over the answers that have already been given. Highlight and summarize the answers you agree with and mention those who have provided those answers.

How Individuals and Businesses can benefit from Quora- Precision Marketing Group

Alexis Silvers is the account manager at Precision. She has successfully used Quora for brand awareness. She has also followed people who have used Quora to drive business growth and success.

She brings her own experience and the experience of others from the web like Rand Fishkin, the founder of Moz.

Here are the tips and strategies she suggested:


  • Don’t just answer questions. Create questions yourself. A question that goes viral can build traffic for your site as much as answers that get rapid views.
  • Weekends and late nights are a very good period of time to answer questions
  • Try to be among the first set of people to give answers to a relevant question
  • Connect to industry experts by following the people who give answers to questions in your niche. It can be a great recruitment strategy.
  • Look for unanswered questions that you can make popular


  • Use statistics and third party resources to give credibility to your post
  • Use images and other best practices to improve the readability of your answers
  • Tag content partners by mentioning them. It gives credibility to your posts


Quora is providing a platform that marketers can use as part of their content marketing strategy. It requires a great deal of hard work and commitment more like blogging. But the benefits from it can be massive. The benefits can range from website traffic, lead generation, and professional connections among many others.

Therefore, be sure to include Quora as part of your awareness and content marketing strategies when crafting your next digital marketing strategy.

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