Biz Tips: 5 CSR Software Features Your Employees Will Love

Biz Tips: 5 CSR Software Features Your Employees Will Love

Biz Tip:

5 CSR Software Features Your Employees Will Love

Did you know 76% of Millennials would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company?

Your employees want to get involved within their communities, they want to give back and they want to be supported for doing so! However, engaging employees in corporate philanthropy programs like matching gifts, volunteering and disaster relief is difficult when resources are limited. The want is there, but are you supporting your team to carry it out?

If you’re stuck with a manual process and no software to automate and support your initiatives or you’re using a software that doesn’t accommodate program needs, then ramping up participation in these programs might be challenging. It doesn’t have to be though!

Corporate philanthropy software, when built right, should work alongside your team not against it. Take a look at some of the key features CyberGrants Employee Engagement Software offers that your employees are sure to love!

Simple Search

Research shows that even though employees want to participate in workplace giving and volunteering, they do not wish to work hard in finding or learning of those opportunities. When it comes to learning about corporate philanthropy programs…

  • 43% of employees want to learn via internal email or newsletters
  • 38% via management
  • 31% via collateral/events in the office
  • 27% via intranets and customized portals

The search portal makes it easy for employees to find contribution opportunities whether it be for monetary donations or volunteering time. Pre-vetted charities can be searched by organization name and location. Events can be searched by type, location and date. Employees are able to suggest adding charities and events of their choice to the database!

Employee Dashboard

A personalized area highlights employee donations, volunteer hours, and goal completion so employees can track their contributions throughout the year. Employees are also encouraged to participate via the gamified experience which grants them badges for their contributions.

Easy to Use

Your people are committed to doing good work, but they’re also committed to keeping their job. When your organization provides insight on CSR opportunities, it allows them to feel the comfort of participating. Even more, depending on the structure of your company, simply hearing of these opportunities can be a major obstacle in participation numbers. With a solid corporate giving software that challenge doesn’t exist. The right CSR software should have a great user-experience so even your least tech-savvy employees can work within it. Signing up and sharing events with coworkers is quick and easy through the mobile app or desktop platform. Check-ins, surveys, photo sharing and connecting to co-workers through social makes participation fun and easy. From simple search to accessing opportunities, the entire system should work fluidly so employees can find what they need efficiently. Plus, the amount of inquiries to program managers and admins are sure to drop!

Diverse Payment Options

Implementing a matching gift program is easy with the right system in place. By creating a broad selection of charities for your employees to choose from, local, national and international, you can increase participation. Studies show that when employees are free to give to the charity of their choice, they give more rather than charities imposed on them by their company.

CyberGrants Employee Engagement System gives employees the choice to deduct donations from their payroll or make one-time payments with their debit or credit card through the system. Payment history and details are available within the portal as well as the payout schedule to selected charities so employees can see when their contribution has been received. Employees can also download their tax receipts straight from the system, taking the admin burden off of program managers plates.

Giving Records & Goals

Sometimes moving employees toward a common cause can feel very difficult, but it’s far less so when you give them a cause, a goal and a time limit. CyberGrants Employee Engagement allows for all three! Operating a giving campaign doesn’t have to be like the old days — a poster with a thermometer posted in the break room, no one really sure how much money they made from the bake sale and everyone a little confused as the charity their hard earned cash was going toward. With CyberGrants, your employees can view their giving history or see their contributions on the goal dashboard.

All in all, the right system should support your employees’ giving ambitions. You can have the best programs and still receive subpar participation if they aren’t supported by a seamless software. Learn more about the key features employees and program managers need to make an incredible impact.

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