Biz Tips: 5 Benefits of Presenting Searchers With Product Shopping Ads

Biz Tips: 5 Benefits of Presenting Searchers With Product Shopping Ads

Biz Tip:

5 Benefits of Presenting Searchers With Product Shopping Ads

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Online shopping is at an all-time high. Recent events have created shifts in shopping behavior and have caused a massive surge in online sales. With lockdowns being imposed across the globe, consumers have been purchasing groceries, medicines, clothing, and other necessities online. Even after the pandemic, this change in shopping behavior is likely to continue and grow further, with more and more consumers now opting to make their purchases from e-commerce shops.

With the growth and the increasing relevance of digital channels, it’s imperative for business owners to implement effective digital marketing strategies, including the use of product shopping ads. Understanding product shopping ads, their benefits, and how to present them to searchers can be crucial for business growth.

What are Product Shopping Ads?

Shopping ads, aka Product Ads, or Product Listings Ads (PLA), are online advertisements that list products relevant to a search query. What sets them apart from text-based ads is that they feature the product image, the product name, its price, the name of the seller, and promotional copy. The images and product information make it easier to attract potential buyers.

Benefits of Presenting Product Shopping Ads

Presenting shopping ads has a host of benefits for e-Commerce and online shops, resellers, and more. Here are five advantages to presenting shopping ads:

  1. Your products are featured on top of SERPS. Product shopping ads appear where users can see them: at the top of search engine listings. Your products would have higher chances of being noticed by online shoppers when your product listing appears first on search results pages. Moreover, the people who would see your ads are those who are actually looking for your product or a similar one in the same category. Since shopping ads appear mostly in organic search results, having your products featured increases your chances of attracting high-intent buyers.
  2. You increase the chances of getting high-quality leads. When you provide relevant information along with an image, you’d be efficiently summarizing your product for shoppers who tend to click on an ad only if they’re interested in the item. By giving them enough information as quickly and as enticingly as possible, you’ll capture their interest and accelerate their purchase decision process. Through shopping ads, you’ll be able to generate high-quality leads that convert to sales.
  3. Get lower bounce rates. Shoppers are less likely to leave a site immediately when they already know what to expect. They are less likely to bounce as they usually click on an ad when they are likely to buy the product.
  4. Product shopping ads get higher conversion rates. Consumers are attracted to visual cues and tend to pay more attention to aesthetically pleasing ads. Because shopping ads feature product images, they’d be able to stand out more and are more likely to prompt a searcher’s interest. Also, shopping ads appear on organic user searches. Thus, in terms of targeting and conversion, shopping ads are much more effective than text-based ads.
  5. Gain broader reach and better engagement. With shopping ads, there is no need to bid on various keywords separately. Shopping ads show up for more related keywords, so your products appear whenever they are relevant to the search. Moreover, your product listings can possibly appear more than once for a single search query. This means that two or more of your products can appear in a single search results page.

How to Present Product Shopping Ads

Effective shopping ads capture the attention of potential buyers and entice them to click on the ad to know more about the product and to complete a purchase.

To achieve this, your ads should be visually appealing. The quality and style of your product photos are a crucial part of your listing. Make sure that you use only high-quality images that highlight the best features of your products.

Another thing you should pay attention to is your product descriptions and any promotional copy. Make them as accurate but as concise as possible. A catchy image captures interest, but a killer description gets the click.

Product Shopping Ads that Turn Searchers into Buyers

When creating your digital marketing strategy, utilize the power of product shopping ads in attracting more buyers, getting higher conversions, and generating more sales. Something as simple as adding a shopping feed to your eCommerce site or web pages can significantly increase your brand awareness, customer engagement, and business profitability.

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