Biz Tips: 5 Actionable Tips To Succeed On Instagram Without Selling Your Soul In The Process.

Biz Tips: 5 Actionable Tips To Succeed On Instagram Without Selling Your Soul In The Process.


5 Actionable Tips To Succeed On Instagram Without Selling Your Soul In The Process.

One of the biggest problems people face when looking to publish new fresh content on a daily basis is lack of time and while I could argue with you that most of it’s a bunch of excuses, I will give some actionable tips you can use right now!

I have seen a ton of articles that touch on the same subject but give some tips that could only be done if you had a whole creative team with you at all times.

Be Social.

The number one thing people forget when using social media is that it’s a platform made to interact with others.

If you aren’t reaching out to 5 people each day at least you are missing out on big opportunities.

Most think others will come to them every single time and that they won’t have to go and introduce themselves first.

Don’t be entitled and start engaging with people that are in your same area of expertise or with accounts that have content that you like.

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.

-Amy Jo Martin

It won’t make you a needy person or anything like that; most of the time people will receive you with open arms and will be willing to talk more.

If you don’t go and start interacting then how are you going to meet new people? Yeah, we could argue that some people will go and comment and that you can start a conversation with them but how about all those people who didn’t leave a comment? Are you going to dismiss them?

Respond To Everything.

This shouldn’t even be a tip because it feels natural for me to respond to every comment, message or anything that someone sent me but, I have seen a LOT of people who don’t care if they respond to comments on their posts or not.

Have you ever left a comment on a post in search of a response? How did it feel when they responded? It probably felt good I guess because they treated you as a friend and engaged with you even if it was a little heart or an emoji.

If you care about people be it in your day to day life or in social media they will notice and start to talk to you more or look for ways to interact with you on a regular basis.

The whole point of social media is continuity and continual engagement.

-Clara Shih

See how powerful interacting can be? Yet people don’t respond to anything.

Research Hashtags

Yes, I know you use hashtags and have an app which gives you the “best” ones for your specific pic but are you reading and going into all of those hashtags and seeing if they go with your account?

Probably not, but if you are then kudos to you!

For those who don’t know what hashtags are being published with their photos, I would advise you to go and check every time you add hashtags to your post in order to attract the right kind of followers.

I use a hashtag finder in order to search for relevant topics that relate to the post I made but if I don’t go and check it for undesired hashtags then I would have “#poem” in my recent posts and you and I know that I suck at poetry.

What use would it be for me to be in the poetry hashtag if I don’t do poetry?


I also advise for you to go and search for the top 10 hashtags of your niche and evaluate the top ten posts of each hashtag, after doing this, go and interact with said accounts and people that commented on their post too.

Please, for the love of God don’t spam them with a “follow for follow” unless you’re looking to get marked as a spammer.

This technique is sort of like the one Garyvee talks about in this article:

The $1.80 Instagram Strategy To Grow Your Business or Brand

Update Your Bio

What you have in your bio can make or break your profile but most people forget to update it or even create a good one to begin with.

Take a look at what your bio says right now, does it showcase yourself and what you do? Does it give people different places for you to follow you?

These are the biggest questions that you have to respond when making your bio.

by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

Talk about yourself and what you do (if this bio is for a brand then you need to talk about what the brand does and its mission, not about yourself dummy)

One thing to have in mind when creating the bio is to NEVER put that you’re a wizard, ninja, sorcerer or anything like that after putting what you do for a living.

Scratch that, never put any of those things unless you are the real deal and can whip up some magic whenever you want.

If you are an artist then go and put it on your bio, if you’re a coffee snob then go and put it too (we are on the same boat on that one) put whatever feels important to you and that other people could use or ask you.

If you have a website then you should put it there too!

Use your bio to sort of tell people what you or your account is about.

That’s it.

Use a Social Media Management Platform.

You should have seen this one coming as soon as you started reading!

Having a social media planner like Hootsuite or Buffer can make posting articles effortless and less of a hassle.

For those who don’t what Hootsuite or Buffer is; it’s an app that lets you schedule and distribute content for your social media platforms.

Take time every week to put all of the content you want to publish in the planner and you are done!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be responding to comments and doing the other tips I talked about earlier, this is for people who have a tight schedule and want to be able to post daily.

It will take some time at first since you are starting to get the hang of it but after a while it everything will be a breeze.

Planning content for a whole week is what I tend to do since it lets me see what works and what doesn’t so I can edit future posts.

All in all, there isn’t one way to be good on Instagram; there are different paths you could take that will bring you different experiences, both good and bad.

Use these and see which ones give you results and which don’t.

Much love to every single one of you!

I recently opened a new IG page where I give tips on writing itself and post articles! If you love reading, writing and using IG then we are a perfect match haha.

I respond to every message so if you have any question or just want to talk with me then you can find me there!

Orlando Gonzalez (@orlandowrites) * Instagram photos and videos

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