Biz Tips: 4 Super Easy Neuromarketing Principles For Your Online Shop

Biz Tips: 4 Super Easy Neuromarketing Principles For Your Online Shop


4 Super Easy Neuromarketing Principles For Your Online Shop

Over a year ago the field of neuromarketing fascinated and scared me at the same time. Marketers and Online Shop Owners tend to shy away from these techniques. Either because they don’t trust them or they don’t know which ones fit their business.

Not me.

I was determined to learn the principles and use them for my consulting agency. I am now ready to share the principles that have always worked for my clients.

CAUTION: Don’t use these principles to trick your customer into something bad. Neuromarketing has to be used under ethical views.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

What is Neuromarketing?

Have you ever been in a situation where you were convinced you had the best product for your prospect and an awesome online shop, but you still sold nothing?

Selling today is tougher than ever because:

  • Competition is more intense.
  • Buyers today are easily distracted on their devices.
  • Sales cycles are longer.
  • Buyers are more price-sensitive and less information-driven

Applying learnings from neuroscience to marketing helps in these situations.

Neuromarketing includes the use of brain images, as well as field research to study the response of consumers to specific products, packaging, advertising, or other marketing elements.

The science helps us to understand why we buy certain products and why we make irrational decisions. Additionally, it helps us to improve our products, selling strategies and online shops.

Yet, it is unlikely that you will ever conduct a study for your own company. It’s cheaper to learn from others and to look for principles that can be useful to your business.

Let’s divide the principles into two categories:

1. Product Optimization

2. Shop Design Optimization

Relief the pain instead of adding more — Product Optimization

Amazon is a master in selling. They are smart in reducing the pain of buying.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have found out each time a customer buys something they experience pain. It’s like your hitting them with a stick.

Amazon uses this knowledge to their advantage. When you want to buy a TV they present a bundle. They know that you have to buy more items. Thus they give you the opportunity to make only one buying decision instead of three.

Another great example is cars. Instead of listing the prices for each item build into a car they give you a total price thus reducing the number of decisions.

What does that mean for you?

Let’s say you sell sweaters, shirts, and pants. You can apply this principle by creating a pre-defined outfit. You can even use this technique to sell on social media — it’s a best practice for Pinterest.

Create a bundle whenever possible. It reduces the pain of buying for your customer.

Decoy your way to success — Product Optimization

Consumers are irrational decision makers. They do things because it feels right and not because it makes sense. When it comes to buying a product that is the only one of its kind they tend to have irrational worries that it is probably not any good if it’s the only one out there.

Whenever you need to sell more of a specific product you should think about a decoy offer. Decoys are inferior products that cost the same as the real money-maker and thus make it appealing. Most famous for the usage of this technique are magazine subscriptions.

You should be familiar with the following:

  • Offer A: A monthly online subscription (5€)
  • Offer B: A yearly online subscription (50€)
  • Offer C: A yearly online subscription plus printed magazines (50€)

Can you guess which offer sells the most? Correct, it’s C.

By offering a second less-attractive option you make it easier for the brain to decide on the purchase.

This principle also works with other product categories.

Nutella occasionally presents a glass with more volume for the same price. Your brain immediately categorizes the normal glass as less-attractive. Additionally, your brain values the new glass as a really good deal a.k.a. a steal.

Picture by Nutella on Amazon (

What does that mean for you?

Let’s say you are selling two workshops. One is a 1-day-introduction class to the topic, the other one is a 2-day-masterclass. Add a third option that includes the 2-day-masterclass plus three ebooks.

Create a decoy and add value to your better product. Don’t give out useless stuff.

Your product is a rockstar. Start selling it like one — Shop Design Optimization

An elevator pitch is a short explanation of the problem and your solution to the problem. You basically try to sell your product within one to two minutes.

It’s hard.

But not for Beyonce. Tickets for her first date on the ‘4 Intimate Nights With Beyonce’ tour sold out in just 22 seconds.

22 seconds!

Music stars like Beyonce, Adele, Jay-Z and such are experts in selling tickets to their show.

Their selling strategy is based on the scarcity principle. You limit the purchasable volume and thus create a higher demand.

How To Use Scarcity In Online Marketing

However, music stars took this principle to the next level. They tell their social media followers to stay tuned for a specific date.

This creates anticipation as well as feeds into their fear of missing out. Therefore the demand gets even higher thus creating a hype. It’s not necessary anymore to put 1€ behind an advertisement for their tour. A tweet does the job.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at this Black Friday video.

The customer’s mind adds value to your product when it’s limited.

What does that mean for you?

You don’t have to limit all of your products but think about making the buying experience more exclusive. Costco and Supreme build their businesses on the basis of exclusivity.

You could create a VIP customer membership where customers get a notification when a limited version of your product is dropping.

No one is more credible than your prior customer — Shop Design Optimization

As humans, we grow up eating the food our parents present/recommend us. We go to school and watch TV shows our friends watch. Basically, we follow other peoples recommendations throughout our entire life.

Every human being wants to be part of a group. Therefore, we want to act like people in that group. Which means, that if people from that group by that product, we feel like we should buy that product as well.

Simple, right?

This principle revolves around trust. There are multiple ways to instate trust:

  • Mouth-to-Mouth recommendation
  • A badge/certification
  • Press approval
  • Sheer numbers
  • Testimonials

Former customers/testimonials are one of the easiest ways to instate trust. It might not be the best — Mouth-to-Mouth is — but everyone can do it.

Let’s look at this picture from me.

I love the sweater from Blue Ben and I prove it by sharing my love on my social media account. What they could do is take that picture and insert it into their online shop. They could do this with multiple customers and let the user-generated content do the convincing.

What does that mean for you?

Get your customers involved and let them be your spokesperson. Let their voice support your cause and shine through their words/pictures.

Is it really that easy?

Improvements always come with a little bit of work. These tactics, however, have proven, that they work. It’s like stealing candy from a baby — it doesn’t get easier.

These principles have helped my clients and they will keep on helping them. Don’t miss out.

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