Biz Tips: 4 Signs That You Are About to Derail Your Executive Career

Biz Tips: 4 Signs That You Are About to Derail Your Executive Career

Biz Tip:

4 Signs That You Are About to Derail Your Executive Career

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Your executive career can be seen as a success or failure on whether or not you make the classic mistakes. Often, the mistake is a simple one; you stayed in a place for too long and over time the situation got to you. You became complacent, or you started to play politics, or as the days went by your outlook became negative.

If we’re honest this is human behaviour. By recognising and addressing the little signs before they overcome you will help you avoid a situation where mistakes and big issues become serious problems.

Here are a few examples:

You’re feeling complacent

If you feel complacent, the chances are you’re not as proactive as you used to be. Being proactive is important as it can keep you ahead of the curve and show to those around you that you want to achieve and succeed. This is very useful for getting a promotion.

It is often easier said than done to learn something new or reach out to your network, but doing so keeps you active and gives you goals to strive for.

You’re not a fan of recent changes

Change can be a good thing but in today’s world change often comes when someone new wants to make their mark. This is when change becomes an issue. Efficient systems can fall apart and extra work ensues that you may feel is unnecessary.

If you are in this situation you have two options. You can voice your concerns in a reasoned well thought out manner, or you can find a new job. The last thing you should be doing is throwing spanners in the works in an effort to resist the change. This is unprofessional and will get you nowhere.

You have no time for your colleagues

If you find you’re irritable, not letting colleagues speak, and don’t really care who knows that you’re feeling bored, then your emotional intelligence has fallen through the floor.

If this persists, no doubt you won’t be employed for very long.

Instead, try and work out why you feel the way you do and address issues as you realise them. Many are probably solvable with frank, respectful discussions, although others may not be. If the latter creates huge issues, it could be time to find a new role.

You over promise and under deliver

We all want to make a good impression with the boss so a tendency to promise small miracles is arguably natural. Issues arise if you shave too much off the deadline to look good and fail to deliver what you promised. This will negatively impact your reputation even if you have worked hard and did everything humanly possible to deliver.

Most people respect honesty and authenticity and giving realistic deadlines are better than promising the impossible and failing. This former builds your personal brand and reputation as dependable and diligent, the latter a failure. Which one do you want to be?

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