Biz Tips: 4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a CMS

Biz Tips: 4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a CMS


4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a CMS

By Connor Manion

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A CMS or Content Management System is a digital program or application that allows multiple users to create, edit, review, publish, manage, and archive the various forms of content that make up a website. Though, if you’re doing research on them, you probably already knew that.

There are a thousand different Content Management Systems out there, and it is hard to say if one is definitively better than the rest. Despite that, there is one that is definitively best for you.

Asking the following four questions is a great place to start your search. Happy Hunting!

1) Is this CMS easy to learn and use?

A big benefit of having a CMS is that with a simple password, anyone at your company can manage your website content. However, that benefit is useless if no one but the technologically-savvy no how to use your CMS. To get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to choose a CMS that is easy for everyone to learn and use. Non-technical individuals should have no problem navigating the system after a little training. Even if you plan on having one incredibly capable individual doing most of the work within the CMS, I strongly urge you to look for one that is at least somewhat user friendly. At some point down the line, you may want other, less technologically inclined individuals, to work within the CMS. If don’t want to have to train them for two months straight before they understand what they are doing.

2) Does this CMS help maintain and even improve your current SEO rankings?

If you want to improve your rankings with the search engines, or at least maintain your current rankings, you will want to check the SEO capabilities of a CMS before deciding upon it. Does it allow you to create meta-descriptions and meta-tags? Does it have a built-in SEO grader that allows you to see where you can improve your on-page SEO? If not, does it have integration capabilities with other SEO tools? All of these things are critical to developing and maintaining a good SEO strategy for your website.

3) Will this CMS grow with you?

Another big question to ask when choosing your content management system deals with scalability. When you choose a CMS you aren’t just deciding for right now; you are deciding for the years to come. Right now, your website might have 12 pages and two forms. But three years from now, who knows where you’ll be? Choose a CMS that can support the growth you not only plan for, but dream of — best case scenario. If you have a 1,000% increase in traffic tomorrow, will your CMS be able to handle it?

4) Does this CMS keep your website safe and secure?

You want your data, your content, all of your hard work to be as safe and secure as possible. While it is possible (in theory) for any website to be hacked, some content management systems offer more security than others. When making your decision, be sure to assess the threat your website faces from malicious sources and the effects a breach in security would have on your business. Here at Mindscape, we support multiple Content Management Systems including:

We work with you to ensure the selection you’re making is best for your company, your needs, and your future. It’s not dependent on a specific language we can code.

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