Biz Tips: 3 Steps and You’re Ready to Start a Blog (That would actually work).

Biz Tips: 3 Steps and You’re Ready to Start a Blog (That would actually work).


3 Steps and You’re Ready to Start a Blog (That would actually work).

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Its been around 8 years since I have started to blog.

I was a blogging wanderer, jumping from one niche to another to find the niche of my interest and ultimately the secret sauce.

Yeah it did took me a little long to find the niche because I had plenty in my mind.

Ultimately, I found the niche that I felt is the right one for me but the search for the secret weapon aka secret sauce was on.

And one day….

No, I didn’t find it anyway.

If someone tells you that there is some secret weapon that could help you in being an overnight star, run straight away from him/ her because that dude is going to trick you.

Blogging is something that needs years of consistency and hustle.

But what you can do is to cut off these years into just some months.

What would you need for that?

A strategy before you push the publish button for the first time.

The best time to prepare any blogging strategy is the time since you start to think about creating a blog.

I know its hard to control yourself from starting but trust me its worth it.

Now here are 3 things that you are going to need before you create your first blog.

Find the Right Niche

What does a right niche mean?

The field you think can make you successful because you know an influencer who is earning bucks in the same field?


The Right Niche means the field that you like the most.

If you select a niche by just deciding to be like someone then trust me that someone is always going to be above you.

Getting inspired by someone is good but copying someone is not.

To become a real thought leader, you need to use your voice and add your personal touch to every piece of writing.

So just starting exploring your Yays and Nays and ultimately you’ll know what your heart likes.


Setting objectives is like getting up your goals.

Think about it, what do you want-

  1. Getting 100 subscribers in the first two months?
  2. To get 1 K Followers on Medium in the first month?
  3. Or getting 10 K views on an article?

It depends upon your own priorities.

Before you start a blog, you need to be clear about your objectives.

To make it simple, you can schedule it like objectives for the next one month or three months, whatever suits you.

Now with time adjust your objectives, don’t keep it same once you reach a certain goal.

And the final step-

Personal Branding

A question that had haunted me for years.

Why would anyone read my writings when there are several people out there writing about the same thing.

Even if you write a master piece, people would still prefer someone they know or have heard about.

This is how you lose the CTR game in the SERPs.

But fortunately, I found the answer.

Give your name some importance.

Before you actually start to blog, you need to make sure that you already have some loyal followers who are not from your family or among your friends.

But some people who like what you write.

Don’t waste time in creating social media accounts for your blog but rather promote your name.

Let the people know how awesome you really are.

Spend some-time in Personal Branding.

And once when you know that people trust your name, no matter even if they are just about 10–15 people, start your blog.

These 10–15 people will help you in word of mouth marketing.

They will help you to gain more readers.

All you need to do is not to disappoint them.

Help them whenever you can.

Did you like this?

Well, if yes then I have tons more Blogging and Marketing Tips for you.

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