Biz Tips: 3 Simple Steps To A Perfect Headline

Biz Tips: 3 Simple Steps To A Perfect Headline


3 Simple Steps To A Perfect Headline

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To be able to tell your story to the reader you first need to attract his attention with the title. Just like when you meet somebody for the first time, you have only one chance to make the first impression and interest them with what you have to say.

Writing an appealing headline is your chance to grab the reader by the hand and make him listen to what you have to say.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

A catchy headline is just as important as the ideas in your story! It is a sad truth, but to get to know your beautiful personality, people need to be attracted to you to start with.

Apart from making your headline unique and relevant to the content (which is kind of obvious), you need to make sure it catches the eye of the reader.

Use emotional words

Give your reader something to connect with. The Internet is full of lists with power words that make your headline draw attention and make it stand out from the others. I really recommend this list — 500+ Powerful Words.

I used the word “simple” in the title of this story to show that anyone could apply these pieces of advice to their writing. Emotional words don’t carry any rational value, but because we often rely on our emotions to make a decision, they help to make the title look more appealing.

Show the value

Your reader needs to be sure of what he will receive in the story. People care more about their own benefit and if it clear that you offer them a solution in your article, they will be more likely to read through it. Another proven way to attract readers is including numbers in your title, which makes the value of the story look more specific.

Use relevant language

You know who your reader is. Using the clear and simple language and words that resonate with them makes it easier for your reader to pick out your article out of the hundreds of pieces of information that he comes across every day. The information noise makes it much harder to get your piece noticed.

On average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. David Ogilvy

There are plenty of titles you can create for the same story, to make sure you are using the most appealing one test a few with your friends or colleagues, you might pick up some interesting ideas from their opinion as well.

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