Biz Tips: 3 Goals of Branded Content and Native Ads.

Biz Tips: 3 Goals of Branded Content and Native Ads.


3 Goals of Branded Content and Native Ads.

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Knowing the objectives, will help you form a GREAT sales and marketing strategy.

In my opinion, branded content and native ads are the future of advertising. There’s no doubt about it.

But right now, it’s still underrated. So you should start doing it early on, you’re going to get a one heck of a head start.

But how do you do it?

Let me give you a couple of examples that I’ve noticed, that did a MASSIVE campaign on this.

Dollar Shave Club and Tiege Hanley.

Now, both of these ‘small’ brands competed with their HUGE competitors with doing this.

They got YouTube influencers on board.

Channels like Alpha M, Based Zeus, and the like, constantly did videos featuring these brands (and some others) to their audience (millions and millions of people). But they didn’t do it in a ‘salesy’ style. Those videos have a lot of value even if we just removed the sponsored pitches from them.

It’s easy, once you identify your destination.

Here are the goals of branded content and native ads.

1. Engagement.

People consume content. But they don’t ‘consume’ an ad.

If you got an influencer to do a sponsored blog post in a way that it delivers real and actionable value to the audience, what kind of impression would you think will be on the audience’s minds? In their eyes, you just ‘paid’ money to give them ‘free value’.

You’ll get a lot of brownie points.

You get to show a lot of audience your sales message without ‘interrupting’ them like traditional ads do. I mean do you really think people would watching a 5-second ad before they get to watch the latest LongBeachGriffy video?

Also, you’ll get to ‘pitch’ your unique selling points to the audience, by someone they already trust (the influencer or the brand that delivers the content).

Just like Dollar Shave Club did.

2. Interaction

Good content always inspire longer and more frequent conversations.

The problem with traditional ads is that no one wants to ‘respond’ to them. People either click them and follow the CTA, or they don’t. It’s (sort of ) like having one-night-stands. It gets the job done, but, it’s not really meaningful, and certainly not long term.

However, with branded content and native ads, a brand (or any of the above) can create or participate in a conversation or a discussion that will last longer. They can ‘hear’ their target audience. They can get to know what their ideal customers are like, their demographics, pain points, etc. in a way that a normal market research doesn’t provide.

Then you can use that data to make decisions about their products and services, and make sure they really serve the customers.

Also, you’re going to be ‘that’ brand with a great customer care, who knows their customers so well.

3. Brand Advocates

The thing with content is that they get shared on social platforms.

And when that happens, guess what?

Your sales message get shared too.

Now, that sounds awesome.

I mean, when did the last time you (ever) saw an ad gets shared, unless it’s something controversial?

Yeah, me neither.

With branded content and native ads, you’re going to get your target audience to share your ‘ad’ with their social circles, without spending another dime!

More ROI!

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