Biz Tips: 12 key traits of unforgettable leaders

Biz Tips: 12 key traits of unforgettable leaders


12 key traits of unforgettable leaders

To leave a legacy behind, there are specific leadership characteristics that you need to have.

Unforgettable leaders are leaders who have made a significant impact in the lives of others. Unforgettable leaders are those who can foster teamwork and cooperation among their team members.

There are many traits of unforgettable leaders, but the following are some of the most important features that you must develop as a leader. These traits can be acquired through practice.

1. Vision

One of the characteristics of unforgettable leaders is that they are visionary. You need to have the ability to plan strategically for the future of your organization. To be a visionary leader, you need to have a clear roadmap of where you want your team or company to be in the next few years.

Develop the desire to fight for your goals and never stop until you have achieved what you wanted to achieve. This is a trait that will make you stand out as a leader.

2. Accountability

Unforgettable leaders are always transparent and accountable. They take responsibility before they can hold other people responsible for their actions. They assume the burden of showing their subjects how it is done instead of just issuing instructions.

In the event anything happens or goes out of the norm while they were on call, great leaders hold themselves accountable.

3. Courage

This is one virtue that every leader who intends to leave a legacy must have. Be bold in every decision that you make on behalf of the organization or company. Unforgettable leaders are courageous enough to take risks even when they are not assured of success. As a leader, you need to be aware of the fact that there are no certainties in life. Therefore, each decision that you make will have a risk that is involved.

4. Humility

Humble yourself as a leader to be effective. People follow and obey when they respect you as a leader. Humility is an essential trait of unforgettable leaders because it makes your leadership to be very effective. Let go of your ego and be more sensitive to the needs of others.

This trait makes you human as a leader and will earn you the respect of your subjects.

5. Be optimistic

Unforgettable leaders are always very optimistic about the future no matter how bleak it seems. Never focus on the success of your past but keep yourself focused on yet you need to achieve as a team.

Great leaders who become memorable always focus on the need to produce desirable results, so they stay focused on the mission of the company.

6. Be a good communicator

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One of the leadership skills that will make you stand out among your peers is developing excellent communication skills. As a leader, you need to be very persuasive and eloquent in your speech. Express yourself in a manner that other people can be able to understand the message that you are putting across clearly.

Good public-speaking skills will go a long way in making you an unforgettable leader.

7. Be ethical

Develop strong work ethics and always strive to always do what is right even if it seems hard. Be friendly but firm when it comes to the standard of ethics that need to be adhered to and maintained at the workplace.

This will help you keep discipline among your staff and help you attain your goals as a company.

8. Show your team how it is done

An unforgettable leader is one who can lead by example. Be a role model and show your team how it is done and not just barking commands. Be consistent in your talk and let your behavior always reflect your words.

A scholar once said that a good leader not only knows the way but also shows the way. Be that unforgettable leader and lead your team by example.

9. Always be open to constructive criticism

As a leader, you need to be able to acknowledge that you can also be wrong at times. Be open-minded to new ideas that will help your company or firm. An opinionated person is not very, and people do not like such. Avoid having a know-it-all kind of attitude and be open to learn and receive criticism from members of your team.

This will also help people trust you more because you respect and value their opinions.

10. Motivate and encourage your team

One of the traits of an unforgettable leader is that they always motivate and encourage their teams to perform better. Motivation can be in many forms. It can be either monetary or non-monetary compensation. Ensure that you recognize all the efforts that the members of your team make to achieve results.

This will boost the morale of your team and build your regime as a leader a memorable one.

11. Invest in personal development

A good leader needs always to strive to be better every day. Always ensure that you keep on looking for new ideas and new ways to keep improving your leadership skills. The secret of your success as a leader lies in your thirst for personal growth.

Deal with your imperfections and flaws first before you can be able to deal with the faults of your team. Be an inspiration to your subjects.

12. Integrity

A great leader must have this virtue. Integrity will enable you to conduct your affairs prudently and professionally. Warren Buffet, a business tycoon, once said that you need to look for three things in a leader; intelligence, energy, and integrity. If they lack the last one, don’t even bother with the first two.

In conclusion, always strive to master and develop all the essential traits of unforgettable leaders. Always be humble, be open to positive criticism, attempt to lead by example and show your team how to do it. Your reputation as a leader will always precede you. Strive to leave a legacy that is unforgettable.

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