Biz Tips: 10 Reasons Why Your Instagram Isn’t Lit

Biz Tips: 10 Reasons Why Your Instagram Isn’t Lit


10 Reasons Why Your Instagram Isn’t Lit

Posting on Instagram is a science. If you don’t study up and practice the science, you’ve got no chance of succeeding as much as you’d like to. It’s time to pour the gasoline, light the match, and get your Instagram lit AF.

The following is meant to be a gold mine of tips. Really, this is probably my biggest Instagram gift of the year to you. This shiz should not be nickel and dimed out of you through e-books, but made clear, concise, and FREE.

Let’s do this.

1. You Don’t Know Your Audience

You may think you have a clear understanding of the audience you serve, but in reality, the majority of channels going nowhere simply do not. Your audience should be narrowed down enough that you have a demographic coming to your Insta for a service you provide. I use the term service because ultimately when you post to Insta if your intent is to grow, then you are striving to offer something for your followers to enjoy and for more people to click onto and get translated into followers themselves.

Do you post food? Is it, specifically soup recipes? If yes, then in this example your audience would be individuals who keep coming to you to learn how to make new soup varieties. Notice how this audience isn’t simply ‘everyone’ or some vague concept of who comes to your Instagram.

2. You Keep Basing Your Profile Off Others

There is nothing wrong with being inspired. Inspiration is a good thing, but if you are simply copying what others are doing on Instagram and hoping success will follow, then you will never achieve consistent success. People want you or your brand from your Instagram profile, they don’t want someone else’s brand and style. The easiest remedy here is to learn from others but don’t copy them.

Take a step back and look at the content you’ve produced on the platform. Can you see yourself in the content, is it a mishmash of random ideas, or do you see the work of other people heavily impacting the content you post? These are all things you should ask yourself and address in order to improve the content you create.

3. You Don’t Post Nearly Enough

This is, in my opinion, the biggest reason most people struggle to gain any traction on Instagram. In order to find success, you must really push yourself to post consistently and consistently. If things take you too long when you edit and create content, then you may want to consider finding ways to cut back and produce content regularly. Adjust your workflow to be able to post on a far more consistent basis.

I personally love a challenge. Here on Medium, I’m currently doing the 30 posts in 30 days challenge. You could just as easily do a similar challenge on Instagram and I bet overtime you’d see the success from it pay off in heaps. I’ve said it so many times, the key to success on any social platform is to post regularly and consistently.

4. Your Profile is Not a Brand Account

A surprising amount of people don’t know that you can actually switch Instagram accounts to become brand accounts. This applies to personal accounts as well, so if you have a personal Instagram you want to start promoting to grow, go into your settings and switch it over.

The insights alone from making the switch is worth it, but once you’ve changed your account you also gain the option to promote your posts. Still not convinced to do it? Go look at your feed right now. Notice how you only see people you follow and sponsored posts?

If you want to break into someone’s feed and get HUGE reach potential, you will need to set aside some marketing dough and start promoting yourself.

5. You Aren’t Editing Your Photos

If all you do is natively apply filters and edit photos in Instagram, you’re already losing the race. There is a world of changes you can do to spruce up your photos and help make them look professional.

Two awesome apps to start simple with are the VSCO and Snapseed which allow you to do some kickass photo editing.

It’s up to you to stand out in a sea of images. Ask yourself if what you’ve posted does that. If not, then get even more creative with your editing, while also staying on brand.

6. You Aren’t Collaborating

Instagram is a social media platform. If you aren’t getting social, you aren’t spreading your reach as much as you could be. Next to sponsoring posts, collaborating is the next best way to reach more people and gain more followers.

Don’t be afraid to message other users. People post on Instagram because they want to grow. We are all in the same car flying down the clout highway.

7. You Don’t Post Stories

Seriously? If you aren’t posting stories on Instagram, leave the computer, grab your phone, and go create one now.

Stories are some of the most under utilizes tools on the platform. If you are not taking advantage of the benefits of speaking to your audience through your stories, you are letting millions of other brands demolish you on the platform.

8. Your Not Using the Right Hashtags

Hashtags rule Instagram. If you are just plopping down hashtags without much thought, you’re never going to pour the gasoline on your channel to be lit. Hashtags act as the basis for your success. They tell Instagram what it is you are posting so others can easily find your stuff.

If you are at an event, use the event’s hashtag. If you just bought a pair of pants to show off, use the label’s hashtag. You get the point here, be relevant and think your hashtags through.

Final tip of this point, if you start to type a hashtag it shows you how many posts exist for that hashtag. This is a good indicator whether or not the hashtag is popular enough or not. Try out different variations and see, which is the best!

9. You Don’t Comment and Interact

Again, this is a social media platform. If you want to grow, it’s imperative to start posting comments on other people’s content and start liking it as well. Don’t post generic things either, really get into the community you are a part of and start socializing. If you do this enough people will take you seriously and check out your stuff and eventually follow you.

10. You Don’t Have Enough Passion

If you want to be successful at Instagram, you need to live and breathe this shit.

Don’t sit around and wait for the answers to come to you. Deep inside your soul push yourself to want to know how to get better and how to improve. Then utilize that drive to actually post, interact, and follow through with the other tips posted here.

We all need to treat our passions with passion.

Get passionate about Instagram. Create a schedule, establish goals, take notes or do whatever it takes to push yourself to achieve. Success will come, but it comes fastest for those who are filled with passion.

This is post #3 of the 30 Posts of the 30 Days Challenge. Feel free to follow me to see the rest!

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